MONTHLY HEADER #68: Daniel Dociu

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Fantastic concept art from Daniel Dociu. Tons of hi-res work by tinfoil on cghub. I'm not big on comparing artists to one another but I do have to say that Daniel's technique is similar to John Berkey's in some technical respects. Perfect placement of values via abstract shapes to create a solid formed concept. Very nicely done... One of our favorites for sure.

Keywords: digital concept spaceship vehicle illustrations designed by daniel dociu chief art director at ncsoft north america overseeing several unannounced titles across all ncsoft's north american studios with primary focus on arenanet's guild wars franchise tinfoil games architectural environment structure desinging
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Beware, There's a New Trojan Infection Mac OS X and Windows

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Feeling your new Mac is more secure from viruses and malware than Windows? Looks like the news that one can make you pretty anxious.
The reason Sophos, a computer security company has found a kind of modification of darkComet, RAT (remote access trojan) is famous that can be used to control the computer remotely though. Computers that can be attacked by this trojan is no exception Windows or
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Gaming on a Tablet Android Honeycomb Ability - Video

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Invasion tablet-based Android OS 3.0 Honeycomb ready to enter the market in recent months. Beginning with a tablet Motorola Xoom and other branded tablets followed by Optimus Pad such as LG, Asus Eee Pad, etc..

For those of you who are still curious about what kind of user interface Honeycomb Android OS 3.0 and how it performs in gaming probably would like to see the video of this one. At least
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Hot Bangladeshi beautiful school girls latest photo gallery...........

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Concept spaceships by Ben Wootten

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Ben's deviantart gallery. Ben on concepttanks.

Keywords: digital spaceship art twin engine design concepts by ben wootten sci-fi science fiction battle ships fantasy art portfolio concept space vehicles port landing pad hangar sliding crane mechanical pit stop
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Apple Support Video Chat Yahoo Messenger for the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

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Apple has added support for Yahoo Messenger in the newest operating system is Mac OS X 10.7 Lion via iChat application. With this application Mac users can instantly chat with other clients who use Yahoo Messenger, including to communicate via text, voice and video. In addition to support for Yahoo Messenger, Apple also supports the protocols AIM or Jabber / XMPP which is used for Google Talk and
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IPad vs Xoom, Tablet War Actually Has Started

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Now there are two tablets which many people deserve to be exposed in a head to head. When Samsung Galaxy Tab seems less suitable known as a big competitor iPad, this time Motorola intervene with Xoom Motorola launched its new hero who is the first tablet-based Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Shortly after Motorola Xoom tablets sold on Verizon, Apple immediately released a press invitation to a March 2
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Microsoft Bricks Windows 7 Phones

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The above headline should never need to be written. A company should never "brick" or render any product that a customer paid for useless. The company should replace the product if this happens accidentally and pay a fine for seriously inconveniencing the customer.

And exactly what mechanism is in the phone that "bricks" it and renders it useless anyway?

Much of the updating problems stem from the halcyon days of AOL, the company that perfected the slipstream update. Back in the 1980s and 90s, when AOL pretty much owned the online segment of the industry, the system would tell you that it needed to make an update when you tried to log off. For the next 15 minutes, AOL would be plugging in all sorts of new code.

I found that this process worked well.

When users were confronted with other systems that wanted to upgrade in later years, reluctance to approve the process set in, especially when it came to Microsoft Windows and its constant need to upgrade on what became "patch Tuesday." This was the result of various upgrades failing for various reasons. It was a little more complicated than fixing AOL.

Apple has done a reasonable job of updating Mac software on the fly. It held an impressive record of quality upgrades with minimal failures. More impressive, at least to me, is that Apple managed to incorporate performance upgrades, so the machine often improved in performance after an upgrade. Windows machines, on the other hand, seemed to continually degrade with each update, running slower and slower over time.

The knowledgeable user generally does not like the auto-upgrade idea. It just seems risky under most circumstances. This is proven every so often when an upgrade fails and has to be fixed in a panic by the company.

The most recent upgrade with the Win Phone 7 is a perfect example. We hear that the process failed on 1 out of 10 phones. This is probably a low estimate, but a 10 percent failure rate is still ridiculous, especially if some phones then became unusable.

In the first place, there's something wrong if these software systems are so poorly designed from the outset that they need weekly (in Windows case) or even monthly updates to "fix" problems with the code. I understand that weird things happen in the field, and it's hard to predict that dialing 0 on the phone while in a call-waiting state while surfing a flash-enabled site from an .org domain might trigger a bug. You still have to wonder how the code was structured in the first place.

With game software, for example, each developer has a set of tools that they use over time to develop the next generation of product. The longer they are in business the more elaborate and useful the tools become until some of the most amazing games in history emerge. Many of which are bug free.

Why doesn't this happen with operating systems? The things evolve in complexity like games, but devolve in stability unlike games. What's the difference? What changed? I've been told by more than a few people that the Windows code base is evolved but nobody that's still at Microsoft knows anything about how it works. It's become a black box. Maybe that explains it, if it's true.

The Apple OS, on the other hand, has a UNIX kernel and is newer. The Apple iPhone iOS is newer still. That would make me think that the Windows Phone 7 OS is new too and not subject to all the historic problems of Microsoft's spaghetti code.

I assumed too much. Phone 7 appears to be a gussied up version of Windows CE, which means it's a lot of old spaghetti code that has been made to look good. This means risky patches. If the upgrade fiasco is any indication, I suspect there will be more of the same glitches in the future. I wish users luck if Microsoft begins patching like crazy, which I suspect it will.
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Rumor: iPad 2 to lack SD slot, high-res display

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Apple's iPad 2 won't have two key features that some folks have been hoping for, a new report claims.

Citing unnamed sources, Engadget reported late yesterday that the iPad 2 won't launch with a high-resolution display or with an SD card slot. Apple initially planned on delivering those two features in the updated tablet, Engadget said, but apparently "engineering issues" caused the company to modify its plans at the last minute.

It's worth noting, however, that Engadget's latest report contradicts claims the blog made last month when it also cited unnamed sources who said the tablet would come with a "super high resolution" display and an SD card slot. At the time, the publication wrote that its sources could confirm their claims with "near certainty." Engadget's report from last night said its sources have been "dead right" in the past.

Considering that these two separate reports claim two very different things, perhaps those "sources" shouldn't make you feel as well-informed as Engadget would have you believe.

As with any Apple-related rumor, it's important to keep in mind that the company is one of the more secretive in the tech industry, and rumors surrounding its products run rampant for months prior to a big announcement.

Engadget's report follows several others claiming the tablet will come with a more-powerful processor and a thinner body. Yet other rumors claim the device will feature both front- and rear-facing cameras and won't be available until June.

For its part, Apple isn't talking. The company did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment. But we should find out everything we want to know about the iPad 2 at an Apple event on Wednesday. And CNET will be there, live-blogging every second.

Until then, expect even more wild rumors to fly in reports pretending to know what Apple really has planned.
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Mac OS X Lion Adds Features from the iPhone's iOS

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eatures from Apple's iOS for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad have been added to Mac OS X Lion. Like Google's Android, Hewlett-Packard's webOS, and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, Mac OS X is sharing across platforms. Along with the Mac App Store, built in to Lion, Mac OS X 10.7 supports more gestures, auto-saves files, and offers full-screen views.

Accompanying the release Thursday of new MacBook Pros, Apple unveiled a developer preview of its next Mac OS X, version 10.7 Lion. The upcoming OS adds a variety of features from Apple's iOS used on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

With Google revamping its smartphone Android OS for the tablet platform in the 3.0 Honeycomb version, Hewlett-Packard touting how its new webOS works across smartphones and tablets, and Microsoft talking about how Windows Phone 7 supports various Xbox games, operating systems that share features across device platforms are becoming a key component of the next generation of operating systems.
'A New Generation'

Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing Relevant Products/Services, said the "iPad has inspired a new generation of innovative features in Lion."

Avi Greengart, an analyst with industry research firm Current Analysis, pointed out that, while iOS and Lion remain "fairly distinctive" from each other, Apple is moving what he called "iOS' greatest hits" to the Mac.

One of those features is the recently launched Mac App Store, which now offers one-click access to apps for the Mac, similar to the groundbreaking App Store for Apple's mobile devices. In Lion, access to the Mac App Store is built in.

With so many apps easily obtained, Greengart noted, "those apps need a place to live so they don't become buried in the Applications folder." Lion offers LaunchPad, which shows apps as they would appear on the home screen of an iOS device. And Mission Control merges Expose, Dashboard and Spaces to give an integrated overview of all apps and windows running on the Mac.

'Flourishing of Desktop Innovation'

While the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad have touch-sensitive screens, Macs do not. But the new MacBook Pros released Thursday have larger touchpads, and Greengart noted that Lion will support "a lot more gestures" for navigation and other control. Some of those gestures are currently supported in Mac OS X Snow Leopard, but Lion is expected to make the interaction more akin to how Apple's mobile devices work.

Lion also supports full-screen view of applications, as in mobile devices. This allows a PDF, for instance, to be read without the visual cluttering of a menu from the app or icons in the dock.

There's also auto-save in Lion to automatically preserve changes in a file. A lock prevents saving, if you so wish, and a revert function returns to the original document. The new Mail 5 features a user-interface design that is similar to the one found in the iPad.

Greengart noted that the integration of some iOS features into Lion is "not a momentous" merging of the two, but represents "a flourishing of desktop innovation" for a platform -- laptop and desktop computers -- that "has been lagging in innovation for some time."
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Size Zero 0 Anorexic Chic Horror of London Fashion Week

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 Anorexia chic returns to the catwalk as Size Zero models return -

"I FIND it shocking the fashion world has gone back to this look. Super-skinny models today look pale and ­emaciated as if they should be in a ­hospital ward." Says Yvonne Bishop-Weston Nutritionist London in The Sunday Mirror today

The biggest risk is to young girls, it fuels their weight obsessions adding to their delusions that this is 'normal' and healthy

The designers that choose these girls and encourage this look may just as well be putting up alcoholics swigging from a bottle of vodka or heroin addicts smoking crack up their on the catwalks - it's totally irresponsible!.
Yvonne says"I see recovering anorexic girls in my Harley street clinic and it's a nasty, vicious and spiteful disease that rob's girls of their self esteem and chances of long term health.
Young women come in with pictures of models and they say “I want to look like this.” They aspire to look like the people who are chosen to show off clothes.
A recovering anorexic would see women like these as a healthy body weight. And the tragedy, of course, is that not all anorexics recover."
Most of us could do with losing a few pounds to reduce the risks of heart disease, Diabetes, cancer, stroke, but by going to the other extreme these girls are risking all those usual chronic diseases plus osteoporosis , infertility and any chance of ever being mothers, Alzheimer's, arthritis and as soon as the bloom of youth runs out their skin will look likes it's been peeled off, screwed up and tumble dried and then stuck back on with blue tack

Lets face it there are only 4 ways to achieve a size 0 body that looks like this
  1. Obsessively starving yourself - Anorexia or bulimia, depriving your body of nutrients
  2. Dangerous drug abuse - depriving your body of nutrients
  3. Obsessive exercise - Stressing the body and depriving the body of nutrients
  4. Disease - A muscle wasting disease, parasite infestation or cancer that deprives the body of nutrients
The restrictions placed on calories mean it is very difficult to get adequate nutrients into the body for it to function properly - typically the reproductive system is first to go (as non essential) then the digestive detox system as the body goes into emergency short term crisis management mode to try and keep the brain and heart alive at least.

If the models drink alcohol, take drugs or smoke in addition to starving themselves then they are pretty much doomed despite Kate Moss's best efforts to prove otherwise.

The only way to remotely healthy on this low calorie level would be a dangerously low fat diet of vegan raw food but then only nutrient rich vegetables and no high sugar fruits such as bananas and no nuts. However without the essential fats from nuts and seeds they would still risk heart disease and hormonal problems and brain function as essential fats are needed for every cell membrane in the body. Vegans can get these from nuts, seeds and algae but these size zero models are often fat phobic so are likely to avoid essential fats along with detrimental saturated animal fats.
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A Diet for Healthier Humans: SACN Iron and Health Report | SACN

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A Diet for Healthier Humans: SACN Iron and Health Report | SACN:

The widely leaked report is finally published. No more than the equivalent of one lamb chop or a bacon butty or a big mac each day if you want any chance of staying healthy.

Yvonne Bishop-Weston Nutritionist London says
"The government seems to be suggesting we should be Plantarian for at least 2 meals a day. Research confirms benefits to health really start to kick in at least 8 portions of fruit and veg a day.

There is still no safe limit for meat consumption set. This advice is just setting maximum advisory levels the inference is that less is best.

I find it quite ironic that this is advice on iron levels yet in clinic it's frequently meat eaters I find with inadequate iron levels not vegetarians"

The evidence seems to be mounting against meat as a useful part of a nutritious diet in modern society.
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MacBook Pro Update Announced: Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolts I / O, FaceTime HD, Etc.

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Rumors about the new MacBook Pro does not need to wait until March 1, because Apple has announced recently. The entire line of MacBook Pro now get the latest updates since 13 April 2010. What is updated?

MacBook Pro now get high-speed technology Thunderbolt I / O, HD cameras to FaceTime, Sandy Bridge CPU Intel, AMD GPU, and SD slot that currently supports SDXC card.

Apple in the press release
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Apple iPad 2 Looks More Light with Grill Speakers

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A blog site in Japan has published the pictures that claimed to be an accurate form of the iPad 2. These pictures were obtained when the Japanese are doing a meeting for the procurement and manufacturing in Shenzhen, China.
The pictures are published showing that the iPad 2 will have a thinner size than the current IPAD with the rear panel that is not too round. There is also a rather large
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EOS 600D & 1100D, Canon New Champion for Beginners

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Canon introduced two new whiz products brand-new digital SLR camera for entry-level class. Vendors from Japan's carrying the camera EOS 600D and 1100D are now beginning to address the Indonesian market.

"They were intended for novice users and have features to facilitate operation of the camera,

Yes, both cameras are equipped with several facilities, called call can help a novice user to
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3D concept ships by Stefan Morrell

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A few new pieces by our friend Stefan Morrell. NICE! Seeing as he resides near Christchurch, I hope he is ok.

Keywords: 3d three dimensional spaceship environment modeling renders by stefan morrell 3ds max deep paint final render mental ray photoshop vray zbrush working as a freelance in lyttelton new zealand near christchurch
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HTC Receives '2011 Device Manufacturer of The Year' Award by GSMA

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The award follows a year of global momentum for HTC, which saw the launch of a wide range of smartphones such as the HTC Desire. HTC was awarded from a list of three finalists that included

“For HTC to be recognized by the industry in this way for the growth and success we have experienced in the last year is truly humbling,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC (News - Alert) Corporation, in a statement. “Thousands of people at HTC work tirelessly to create the intuitive and deeply personal smartphone experiences for which we have become known. This award is a measure of their passion and dedication.”

HTC previously was awarded for the “Best Mobile Phone (News - Alert) of 2010” with the HTC Hero. By putting people at the center of its innovation, HTC creates innovative smartphones that better serve the lives and needs of individuals.

“HTC has built its market presence from nowhere, with fresh branding and marketing and a strong portfolio of devices across many platforms,” said the GSMA (News - Alert) judges. “In particular, it has proven an exceptionally popular and enduring phone manufacturer. With great communication and good customer service, this is a well-deserved award.”

The GSMA awards were decided by a committee of judges. The committee included industry analysts and consultants, mobile operators, educators and other industry leaders.

Recently, HTC and Bell announced the launch of the Windows Phone 7-powered HTC HD7 smartphone. Available from Bell on Canada's best network, the HTC HD7 will keep clients connected and entertained "on-the-go" by pairing rich mobile multimedia features with a 4.3-inch display.
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HTC Mozart Review

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Before Nokia announced that it was throwing in the towel on its own smartphone OS efforts and instead putting its faith in Microsoft’s fledging Window Phone 7 platform, HTC was perhaps Microsoft’s best buddy when it came to Windows Phone hardware. Along with the Trophy and HD7, the Mozart was one of three handsets that HTC introduced at the UK launch of Windows Phone 7.

Of these three, the Mozart is perhaps the most handsome. Today’s touchscreen phones tend to look quite slab-like simply due to the large size of their displays. However, the Mozart has beautifully rounded corners and curved edges. The dark grey metallic finish also looks the business and the three part approach to the rear of the phone, where the middle is made of metal with plastic cutaways at the top and bottom edges for the battery cover and camera surround, works really well.

In keeping with all the other Windows Phone handsets, there are three buttons at the bottom of the screen. The central Windows touch button acts as a Home key and this is flanked by Back and Search buttons. There’s also a lock button at the top of the phone, a volume rocker switch on the left and a camera button the right.

Like the Trophy, the Mozart has a 3.7in touchscreen with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, which is pretty much the standard for a handset in this price range. The screen uses standard LCD technology rather than OLED, but as with all Windows Phone 7 handsets it supports multi-touch. The screen is, on the whole, excellent as clarity is top-notch, viewing angles are good and colours are vibrant. However, black levels naturally aren’t as deep as you get on AMOLED displays and colours don’t look quite as rich.

HTC has used a speedy 1GHz Snapdragon QSD8250 processor and given the phone 576MB of RAM to strut its stuff with. The result is a handset that feels lightning quick to use and even offers up good graphics in 3D games like Glyder and Need For Speed Undercover. Naturally, it has the full armoury at its disposal when it comes to connectivity, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sitting alongside support for HSDPA at speeds of up to 7.2Mbps. The hefty processor and large screen do take their toll on battery life, however. For heavy usage, you’ll need to recharge it every day, but those who don’t make so much use of 3G web browsing or the GPS chip will get around two days from it.
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Summer release for HTC Facebook phones.

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Retailer Expansys has revealed the release dates for the HTC Facebook phones pre-order pages. Expect a Summer release for the duet of Facebook phones manufactured by HTC: the ChaCha and Salsa.

Expect a June 17 release of the social networking mobiles which feature branded Facebook keys on the front. The special key provides instant access to Facebook notifications, updates, comments and feeds. It is also context sensitive, so a quick press following a photo will send the image straight to Facebook.

HTC had previously said that the phones would be available around Q2 2011, so Summer then..

The company has also pointed out that despite the handsets immediately being nicknamed ‘Facebook phones’, they are not Facebook branded. The social network simply worked together with HTC to produce them.

Both handsets feature Android 2.3, with the ChaCha including a full QWERTY keyboard for rapid fire social networking.
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Three to release Gingerbread update for HTC Desire.

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Date specifics are yet to be confirmed but expect Android 2.3 goodness on your Desire eventually.

The network was asked if 2.3 was headed to the Desire and replied with: “Yes we will but we don’t have timescales yet.”

Getting the latest version of Android can make a huge difference to the speed and functionality of your phone. Expect portable Wi-Fi and remote wipe with Gingerbread, depending on whether or not Three change anything.

Mobile hotspot functionality will prove particularly useful especially given Three’s all you can eat policy on data.

Unlike with iOS, networks have to agree to the upgrade which mean the same phones on different networks get updated earlier than others.

Statistically you are most likely to get upgraded if you own a HTC phone, with Motorola and Samsung taking second and third. The Desire is looking a bit long in the tooth now, especially given all the dual-core announcements at this years MWC. Perhaps Gingerbread can give the put the desire back in the Desire.
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HTC 7 Pro may be coming to Sprint this week as the Arrive

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There has been a limited number of official carrier Windows Phone 7 devices (one on T-Mobile and three on AT&T), which is why I think adoption has not been that great yet. Everyone I know that has tried this new OS has been quite pleased with it and even though it isn’t perfect it is fun and fresh. Sprint has been hinting that a new phone is coming this week and all indications are that it will be the first CDMA Windows Phone 7 device, a US version of the HTC 7 Pro already available in Europe. Engadget thinks it will be called the Arrive.

THe HTC 7 Pro has a 3.6 inch 480×800 display with a large side slide QWERTY keyboard. It has all the typical WP7 specs, including a 1 GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera, internal storage (8 GB in Europe), WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. There is nothing really special about it, except for the large keyboard and the fact that it will be a CDMA variant on Sprint :)

I am interested in seeing if it launches with Sprint Navigation and other Sprint services or special apps too. Any readers looking to pick up this Sprint WP7 device?
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Apple planning massive battery life boost for iPhone 6?

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Apple - you know the company, the one with all the silver and black expensive gadgets - is looking at the age old problem of battery performance in phones.

The new technology has been uncovered in a patent by AppleInsider, which looks at increasing the power density in batteries - essentially keeping the same volume while improving the amount of juice inside.

This is achieved using a "multi-step constant-current constant-voltage (CC-CV) charging technique", which is science-speak for 'more sparky, same size-y'.

Battery to the Future

Such steps forward are pivotal if today's smartphones are to continue on the same path of more feature rich in a thinner frame, and Apple notes that this could be used for increasing the amount of tech in the same footprint, or making the phones even teenier.

But it's not all good futuristic science news... the technology is susceptible to battery life degradation when temperatures fluctuate and if the charge in the unit is kept too high, this will also hurt the life-span of the power-pack.

We hope Apple is feverishly beavering away at this new technology, honing and polishing until it gets it just right - there's no way we'll be seeing the improvements in the next iteration of the iPhone, so does the iPhone 6 suddenly make a lot more sense?
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iPhone 6 or iPad 3 to come with 6-inch screen?

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Apple is said to be working on a 6-inch device to sit somewhere between the current iPhone and iPad ranges.

A "connected industry expert" has told AppleInsider that Apple intends to widen its range with a device that sits somewhere between the iPhone and the iPad size-wise, with a 6-inch display.

The mystery 6-incher could be the iPad 3, which has been speculated to launch later this year, or the iPhone 6, dwarfing the current iPhone 4's 3.5-inch display.

Honey, I shrunk the iPad

Some industry insiders, however, are more confident that we'll see a big iPod touch than a mega iPhone or a mini iPad - particularly given Apple's critical view of smaller tablet screens.

A blown-up iPod touch would fill a gap in Apple's portable device range, allowing apps and emails to be enjoyed on a bigger screen without necessarily resulting in the iPad's premium price tag.

And, without the 3G connection, users wouldn't have the option to look like an idiot holding an enormous phone up to their ears to take calls (unless they're determined to by using VoIP).

Our heads are spinning with rumours of iPhone 6s and iPad 3s, and we haven't even seen the iPhone 5 or iPad 2 yet. Come on Apple, announce something already!
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Sony VAIO S Series, i7 Ultra Portable Laptop Announced

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In addition to the VAIO C series, Sony has also officially introduced the VAIO S series, the newest ultra portable laptop measures just 13.3 inches but has a high specification. This laptop only has a thickness of 2.4 cm and weighs approximately 1.75kg.

VAIO S series comes with a battery that can last up to 14 hours duration, the Intel i7-2620M, as well as 8GB of DDR3 memory card along with
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iPad 2 Will be Released March 2, 2011?

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Rumors about the presence of  more tapered iPad 2. This time, word is circulating around the launch date of Apple's latest generation of tablet PCs, which issued on 2 March.
Speculation itself is coming from technology site AllThingsD. Even quoted from Tg Daily, Wednesday (2/23/2011), they  dared to predict if the chosen venue to showcase Apple iPad 2 is at the Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco,
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Sony VAIO C Series - Lifestyle Notebooks Colorfull Announced

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Sony has recently been updated with the latest range of VAIO C series products and the latest S series. Which this time will be discussed is the Sony VAIO C series that promises to have a more affordable price. With the slogan "a dramatic lifestyle statement" which is assumed to Sony's image of this product to a dynamic lifestyle with the striking colors and cheerful products.
Sony VAIO C series
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James Chung concept ships

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James' vehicle and entertainment art blog. Also check out conceptrobots, vehicles and tanks.

Keywords: digital technical illustration concept spaceship flying vehicle art design by james chung futuristic city scape atmospheric environmental design work submarine style towing vehicles in mid flight clouds sunset
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Zuckerersatz Stevia bestellen

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Zuckerersatz - Stevia bestellen

Um seine Gesundheit zu erhalten bzw. zu verbessern, benötigt der Mensch eine tägliche Flüssigkeitsmenge von mindestens 2 - 2,5 Liter (abhängig vom Körpergewicht und der Umgebungstemperatur). Ein Mehrbedarf entsteht durch starkes Schwitzen, bei Erkrankungen mit Fieber über 38 Grad Celcius, aber auch unter Chemo- und Strahlentherapie.

Einen Teil des Flüssigkeitsbedarfs sollte man durch so genannte "Heiltees" decken, vorrangig um den Körper zu entgiften und die Zellen vor freien Radikalen zu schützen. Um zu starke Entgiftungsreaktionen zu vermeiden, beginnen man maximal 0,2 Liter pro Tag, und steigert die Menge allmählich. Hat sich der Körper an diese entgiftende Flüssigkeitszufuhr gewöhnt, können bedenkenlos bis zu zwei Liter über den Tag verteilt getrunken werden.Einen gesunden Heiltee kann man auch mit dem Zuckerersatz Stevia süßen. Mehr Infos zu Stevia oder zum Stevia bestellen finden man auch unter : Stevia, sündhaft süß und urgesund

Als Basis empfehlenswert ist Grüntee oder Rooibos. Bei Teesorten, die sauer verstoffwechselt werden, ist eher Zurückhaltung angezeigt. Dazu gehören: Früchtetees, Malve- und Hagebuttentee. Auf aromatisierte Teemischungen sollte man ganz verzichten. Bitterkräuter als Tee haben eine besondere Funktion für die Bauchspeicheldrüse und den Leber-und den Zuckerstoffwechsel. Hier werden mit Aufgüssen aus Heidelbergers 7 Kräuter oder Bitterkraft sehr gute Erfolge in der Regeneration erzielt.

Auch "Heiltees" aus anderen Medizinkulturen bzw. Ländern können ergänzend getrunken werden: Dazu zählen z. B. "Lapacho-Tee", Katzenkralle, Gohyah (Bittermelone), Jiaogulan (5 Blatt Ginseng), "Essiac-Tee" (Indianer Vitaltee).

Die Tees sollten am besten ungesüsst, bestenfalls wenn man mag mit einem Löffel Honig, oder mit dem Zuckerersatz Stevia gesüsst getrunken werden. Tipp des Tages : Stevia bestellen -
Stevia-Instant, lösliches Pulver aus der Stevia Pflanze

Zu beachten sind die Zubereitungs- und Ziehzeiten. In der Regel sollen Vitaltees, die aus gesundheitlichen Gründen genossen werden, etwas länger ziehen um die Inhaltsstoffe besser im Tee verfügbar zu machen. Besser als Teebeutel sind deshalb auch lose Tees, die man schwimmend ziehen lässt und dann abseiht, oder in einem Teei oder grossen Mehrfachteebeutel mit heissem Wasser übergiesst und so ziehen lässt. Ein zweiter Aufguss ist vielfach möglich. Zum Stevia bestellen gehen Sie zu Stevia-Instant, lösliches Pulver aus der Stevia Pflanze
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Samsung Add 5 New Lenses for NX Range

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Samsung has announced five new lenses for digital camera line NX. With five new lenses, the total existing NX lens into the lens of 10. All lens supports a unique i-Function made by Samsung, which means users can adjust settings directly from the camera lens.The first lenses to be introduced is the 18-200mm zoom lens multi-purpose with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). It also has autofocus lens
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Android Sony S2 Dual Screen Tablet and Windows 7 Vaio Tablet Leaks

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Sony is delaying to enter the tablet market, but that does not mean it will miss its product innovation. According to one source, the giant Japanese electronics manufacturer is currently preparing a tablet-based Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Sony S2 that will take advantage of Sony's patented dual screen. This device will have unique models such as books with two screen size of 5.5 inches.

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IPad Prices Down, Signs iPad 2 will Soon Appear?

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Mobile operators in the UK is T-Mobile and Orange some time ago has reduced the selling price of the iPad. If you follow the general pattern of sales, this means could be a signal that the new version of the product will come out soon, in this case is iPad 2.

Orange sells iPad for £ 99 with bond contract 24 months, while T-Mobile also offers the same price to existing customers. Before this
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Nokia X6 GSM Phone Review – Slap in Your SIM Card and Go

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The unlocked Nokia X6 GSM phone is a very powerful networking and entertainment machine and boasts a 3.2 inch true widescreen touch screen capacitive display, an integrated GPS navigation system, Ovi Maps Navigation added for free, Carl Zeiss 5.0 megapixel camera and 16 GB of onboard memory. There is plenty of room for apps, videos and more, and when you get tired of the same old stuff, head over to the Ovi Store for more downloads.

Nokia includes a passable stereo headset with mic, and adds several sets of comfortable gel ear pads in different sizes for just the right fit. The included headset is okay, but you will want to upgrade at some point. The display and phone front is sharp-looking, with everything clearly marked and easy to navigate. Your main screen on the Nokia X6 has a dedicated key called the Media Bar which gives you one touch access to all your stored video, music downloads, online file sharing sites and web browser. This main screen also has a Contacts Bar that allows for some awesome social interaction.

More than just access to your contacts list, this one touch capability on the Nokia X6 GSM phone allows you to make calls and handle your messages, and even follow up to 20 web feeds from your favorite social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other blogs and sites. The onscreen QWERTY touch keyboard ensures that you can immediately interact via any of these feeds, and move back and forth between them seamlessly. And your phone doesn’t care how much you move, it re-orients itself immediately with the integrated gravity sensor .

The Nokia X6 runs on the most recent version of the Symbian OS, and comes pre-loaded with some pretty neat games, DJ Mix Tour by Gameloft and Spore by EA. WIFI networking, stereo music streaming a stereo FM receiver and up to 6 hours talk time on 3G networks all add value to this nice little package. Bluetooth access for hands free operation and a full HTML web browser are along for the entertaining ride as well.

The unlocked X6 phone can be used on GSM service providers only, and only needs you to slip your SIM card inside for it to port all your information. Pick up the unlocked Nokia X6 GSM phone at Amazon today, where you get over 40% off the regular retail and free shipping during their current promotion.

See other high quality and top rated Nokia cell phones in the Amazon Nokia Smartphone, Cell Phone, and Accessories Store.

For those of you who are looking for a savvy smartphone with service, you can visit the Amazon Wireless store for great deals.
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Nokia Beat Apple, HTC and Palm et al in Eco Stakes

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We all know Nokia is an eco-aware brand and is doing more than any other smartphone company out there to make sure its products are as Green and Eco-friendly as possible. So, it should come as no surprise that Nokia comes top in a new study that looks at the social and environmental impact of making and selling smartphones. That’s right, Nokia beats the likes of Apple, HTC, Palm and even Samsung in the eco stake. Read on and find out more about Nokia and its eco credentials.

GoodGuide is a website set up in the US of A and by all accounts is a spin-off from the TechCrunch50 crowd. How they differ from other chart sites is that they have a rating system based on social and environmental issues. This means they take in to account the materials used, the packaging the phone comes in, the effectiveness of the charger and even the details of the carbon footprint the phone has getting from factory to store, to your hands.

In its latest research it has shown that Nokia has the best credentials of any phone manufacturer, taking more care and pride in its products than anyone else.

If you’re interested in reading more about what makes up the science behind the new GoodGuide findings then check out the GoodGuide Blog. However, for those who need a quick overview, here are is the list of criteria:

Energy management (product)
Toxic waste (product)
Environmental disclosure (product)
Product management (product)
Eco-materials management (product)
Green production practices (company)
Extended producer responsibility (company)

Want to know which device came top overall? Well it was the Nokia C6, that’s right, the funky little 3.2-inch smartphone with the slide-out QWERTY keyboard that many thought was just a simple Nokia N97 Mini update. Read our Nokia C6 review.

Check out the most environmentally sensible phone manufacturers:
1. Nokia
2. Sony Ericsson
3. Apple
4. Pantech
5. Palm
6. Kyocera Sanyo
7. Motorola
8. HTC
9. Samsung
10. Curitel

So, there you have it, Nokia beats all other manufacturers hand down when it comes to the eco-stakes. Sure, companies are improving and we can all do are bit to help preserve the Earth’s resources. The question is, are mobile phone manufacturers being as eco-friendly as they can be? Let us know what you think in the Comments below.
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Nokia will slash prices of Windows Phone devices

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FINNISH PHONE MAKER Nokia is so sure that its upcoming Windows Phone handsets will sell like hotcakes that its CEO Stephen Elop has already said that it will slash prices.

Nokia might not have been exhibiting at last week's Mobile World Congress, but its decision to jump into bed with Microsoft was the talk of the show, with many wondering if Elop's decision to hook up with his former employer would result in the firm releasing successful handsets. Barely a week since the announcement, Elop has said that he expects the price of Nokia handsets running Windows Phone software to reach "a very low price point", adding that Nokia has "become convinced that we can do that very quickly".

Usually companies slash prices on products when they are not selling well or when trying to clear stock for a new product. Given that Windows Phone is new for Nokia, that suggest the firm realises that it will have a hard time flogging Windows Phone devices.

Nokia's price cutting plan is not without precedent. In the US, Microsoft resorted to selling Windows Phone 7 devices on a buy-one-get-one-free basis in the hopes of boosting sales.

Elop is banking on Nokia loading Windows Phone on as many devices as possible through the firm's product range. With Google's Android starting to appear on devices priced below £100, Nokia will need to slash prices fast if it is to hold on in a market where it has traditionally been strong.

Elop also told Finnish journalists that he had sold all of his Microsoft shares on 17 February and purchased 150,000 shares in Nokia, days after it fell 20 per cent on the news of its tie-up with Microsoft.

Nokia had better hope that Elop's gamble of selling cut price Windows Phone handsets pays off, otherwise the future could start looking grim for the former titan of the feature phone business
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White Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and HTC Desire S headed to O2 UK

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O2 has announced that it would exclusively offer the white version of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play in the UK.

The carrier plans to sell the new PlayStation-certified smartphone starting April, at about the same time when it will also launch the Xperia Arc.

Another new Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone that’s coming soon to O2 UK is the HTC Desire S (which was announced by HTC at MWC 2011, just like Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play).

O2 doesn’t say how much its upcoming Android smartphones will cost. Anyway, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to get any of them for free if you’re willing to sign a new contract agreement, and opt for an expensive data plan.

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Samsung Galaxy S 2 Android Gingerbread Hits T-Mobile in US ?

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Galaxy S 2 Android Gingerbread smartphone from Samsung has  been revealed recently couple of days back at Mobile World Congress. Now hits with interesting news in the twitter.

Samsung, the company earlier confirmed that it will certainly release Galaxy S 2 in the market on T-Mobile. However, the question arise over here is whether the smartphone comes out with T-mobile or still the talks or work in progress? This has been exactly answered by none of the companies.

However, today it gives us bit idea that the device might hit T-Mobile. As information regarding release of Galaxy S2 with T-Mobile has been posted in Tweeter for small time by someone at the T-mobile. On the other hand, the Tweet was removed immediately without any explanation by T-mobile.

The twitter posted might be removed because of two conditions, either both the companies want to make an official announcement or may be Samsung was no interested to reveal the info ?

This brings us to more confusion whether Samsung Galaxy S 2 Android Gingerbread Hits T-Mobile or not? One thing is sure, that Samsung Galaxy S 2 is really a smartphone with its awesome features.

Stay connected for latest updates on Samsung Galaxy S 2!
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Samsung plans for 20nm scale 4Gb mobile DRAM

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MOBILE DRAM with 4Gb storage using 20nm process technology and a wide data transfer interface is Samsung's goal for 2013.

But for now it is announcing that it has produced 1Gb mobile DRAM with a wide interface using 50nm process technology. Developed for smartphones and tablets, the 1Gb capable DRAM is said by Samsung to have four times the bandwidth of the firm's low power DDR2 DRAM that it announced last year.

The 1Gb DRAM chips can transmit data at 12.8Gbps while reducing power consumption by approximately 87 per cent, Samsung claims. Samsung's wide I/O DRAM uses 512 pins for data input and output compared to the previous generation that had a maximum of 32 pins.

Byungse So, SVP of memory product planning and application engineering at Samsung Electronics said, "We will continue to aggressively expand our high-performance mobile memory product line to further propel the growth of the mobile industry."

Samsung will present a paper related to wide I/O DRAM technology at the 2011 International Solid-State Circuits Conference being held this week in San Francisco

Read more:
The Inquirer - Computer hardware news and downloads. Visit the download store today.

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Samsung Epic 4G Froyo update starting right now

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Samsung and Sprint are finally delivering the Android 2.2 upgrade to owners of the Epic 4G. After months of waiting and several delayed false starts, Sprint has confirmed that an over-the-air update that will move the Epic from Android 2.1 (Eclair) to version 2.2 (Froyo) is set to begin today.

Epic 4G users will receive a notification to download the Froyo update at some point this week, with all users receiving the download by Friday, February 25. The update will be delivered according to a queue, so you won’t be able to use the old manual check to speed-up the process. Just be patient and hope for the best because we’ve already received word of someone getting the update.

According to Sprint’s announcement, Epic users should receive the following enhancements once the Android 2.2 update is applied:

    * Upgrade of the Google OS from Eclair to Froyo (2.2.1)
    * Ability to install applications to external storage
    * Improved Bluetooth device support
    * Bluetooth Voice Dialing
    * Flash Player 10.1
    * GPS Enhancements
    * Improved OS performance

The T-Mobile Vibrant was the first U.S. Galaxy S handset to receive the Froyo update, so that leaves only the AT&T Captivate and Verizon Fascinate to get similar treatment.
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Microsoft bars some open source apps from WinPhone Marketplace

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Fate of other open source softwares for Windows Phone is also uncertain

Microsoft said it has stopped the sale of some open source software for Windows Phone and Xbox from its Windows Phone Marketplace.

The software giant has barred apps licensed under GNU General Public License v3 (GPLv3), Affero GPLv3, and LGPLv3, and also reserved the right to exclude any equivalents of this trio, according to Windows Phone Marketplace Application Provider Agreement.

The Free Software Foundation released GPLv3, Affero GPLv3, and LGPLv3 in 2007, but their use is very less as compared to GPL2, which is the most widely used free software license, originally written by Richard Stallman for the GNU project.

The agreement states that programmes "must not include software that... in whole or in part, are governed by or subject to an Excluded License", which "include, but are not limited to the GPLv3 Licenses."

Developers will not be allowed by Microsoft to either publish source code of their Windows Phone applications or release them under GPL or GNU Affero licences. The company believes that this effort may somehow increase security.

According to media reports, it is believed that this effort will force developers to look for other mobile operating systems for creating apps instead for Microsoft mobile OS.

Microsoft is not the first technology company that has taken such step.

In 2010, iPhone maker Apple prohibited GPLv2-licensed iPhone app GNU to be sold from its AppStore, following the Free Software Foundation statement which said that the store's terms of service contradicted the GPLv2 license.
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Concept tanks on concept ships

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My dad served in the Czechoslovakian military driving and firing a T-54 in the late sixties. I wonder what the old man is up to these days? Anyways, the newest addition to the concept art blogs, CONCEPTTANKS will feature both realistic and sci-fi tank art concepts. Please subscribe and send any tank images to keep me motivated:) Thanks everyone!

Keywords: a portfolio art gallery showcase of concept military tank tanks vehicles in both traditional and digital rendering techniques from realistic to futuristic sci-fi science fiction battle war technology machines concept tank art animated flash loop
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Hackers Allow iPad and iPhone to Control Dodgeball Game

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This past week, Microsoft showed a Windows Phone 7 real-time integration with Xbox. The demo was designed to show that Microsoft could integrate their Windows Phone 7 to the Kinect and turn it into a game controller.

But, if you leave it up to the hackers, they will always take it to the next level. And, that’s what they did with two very successful mobile devices, the iPhone and the iPad.

The creative folks at SuperTouch took Microsoft’s concept to the next level and have demonstrated a Kinect hack that integrates the iPhone and the iPad with the Kinect. The great thing about this demonstration is that it shows a multi-dimensional experience where a group of people are playing a game using the Kinect and two iOS devices at the same time.

This Kinect hack was developed to demonstrate how a group of people could play a basic game of Dodgeball. As you can see on the video, one person is playing on the Kinect trying to catch balls while avoiding being hit. The other players are also playing the same game on their iPhone and iPad, and their goal is to shoot balls at the Kinect player.

The folks at SuperTouch released the following description as part of their YouTube video:

“The cube is what controls which demo is currently on screen. It uses and accelerometer to detect what side is up. Each side of the cube is labeled with a different Kinect demo. There is also an Xbee and an Arduino wirelessly sending serial to the host computer. Processing takes the serial and converts it to OSC (Open Sound Control) for Unity3d to work with.

The iPhone / iPad app is TouchOSC. A custom iPhone/iPad app could easily be ported from the existing Unity3d app. A modded version of OSCeleton is being used to send the Kinect joint data via OSC to Unity3D.”

Of course, the graphics on the iOS devices demonstration are not as pretty as the graphics shown on the Kinect, but this shows that cross-platform multiplayer gaming is a possibility in the future. The big challenge will be to get all companies to learn how to play nicely, so that they can offer a seamless integration across platforms. Easier said than done.

Overall, a very interesting concept and idea. One that makes gamers very excited. Do you think Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Phone 7 will have enough traction to make this a reality ?
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Pro Evolution Soccer - Much like Game Fights

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Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is a football game with an interesting game systems. But for Konami, from some aspects of the game is similar to the game fist fights.

Konami's words is not without reason, Shinji Enomoto, as PES makers recognize that there are two elements in the PES which makes it similar to a fighting game, offense and defense. Only two of these elements does not involve players in
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Does your gadget Light Health Threatening?

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Believe it or not, humans increasingly depend on technology as more devices and home electronic equipment respectively. Call it in one room could have televisions, chargers, lights, dvd player, media player, ac, computers, laptops, mini refrigerator, UPS, dry cabinet, and other electronic devices.

Of all these devices, the average users just turn off in standby status lights that let the light
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Asus Transformer, Laptop/Tablet Tegra 2 Honeycomb

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One tablet Asus is a tablet that should be awaited Asus Eee Transformer Pad. Different from tablet in general as well as the name suggests, this one device can be transformed into like a laptop with a keyboard that can be revoked.

The tablet is equipped with 10.1-inch IPS screen, 1280x800 resolution, Nvidia Tegra 2 processors, rear 5MP camera, 1.2 MP front camera, full size keyboard, and most
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Facebook Messenger, Enjoy Free VoIP Calls with Facebook Friend

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For IOS devices that active users on Facebook may be a new application like this one, Facebook Messenger. Application allows users to call friends free via Facebook, VoIP.

Applications for $ 2.99 also allows users to see the wall of his friends, send pictures and send instant messages through Facebook Chat. The main feature of this application include:

    * Chat with friends up via iPhone /
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Sony Ericsson 4G tablet prototype pictured

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Sony Ericsson is rumoured to be working on a 4G, Android-running tablet, a prototype of which has been snapped by a Dutch blog.

Hiding in plain sight, the tablet was spotted on the TDIA stand over at Mobile World Congress.

The inclusion front-facing camera comes as no surprise – apparently it's a 3MP snapper – and that screen is estimated to be 6 or 7-inches.

Chubby Android

The TDIA representatives on the stand confirmed to that it will run Android on release, although they did not specify which iteration of the OS.

There are three buttons on the prototype device – home, menu and back – which are pretty standard for Android phones but most tablets these days do away with as many buttons as possible.

Of course, there's no guarantee that all three buttons will make it to the final device, nor, we hope, will the enormous bezel or overall thickness of the tablet.
The unnamed Sony Ericsson tablet is branded TD-LTE; a 4G China Mobile network. Obviously, a 4G tablet isn't much good to us Brits at present, but there's a good chance we'll see a WiFi or 3G model launch as well if the tablet ever hits the market.

When we spoke to Nathan Vautier, MD of Sony Ericsson UK, last week, he denied that Sony Ericsson was working on a tablet at all; but these branded prototypes and comments from CTO Jan Uddenfelt suggest otherwise.
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Steve Jobs cancer rumors and iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 2 release date speculations

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Steve Jobs cancer rumors and iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 2 release date speculations. Meanwhile it is being said that without Jobs at helm, Apple's future is uncertain.

Is the future of the world’s most important technology company in jeopardy? This and other questions are being debated in the industry. Fans, tech mavens, the media and analysts are all worried after reports surfaced that Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs is battling cancer.

What has taken the world with surprise is that the CEO who revolutionized the company has only six weeks to live. Since then everybody is deeply concerned with the fast deteriorating condition of the 55-year-old Jobs. However, the main problem with the story is its veracity.

Apple has yet officially confirmed the report. This has only created confusion in the industry. All eyes are on Apple. People want the California-based company to tell the facts. The news was first broken by a reputed American tabloid. To substantiate the story, the report also carried photos of Jobs. It is understood that it was taken outside the the Stanford Cancer Centre in Palo Alto in California where he has been admitted since Jan 17.

In a short period of time the report has spread like fire to other parts of the world also with many websites giving it a prominent display. Till now reports have also discussed the worry of investors. However, the reports have no debilitating impact on Apple stock.

According Jeffery Young, who co-authored the book "iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act the History of Business,'' said: "They're facing a challenge that's akin to what happened with Windows vs. Macintosh back in the 80s and 90s, where one very well-heeled challenger offered its operating environment to many different users at many companies to build its products.''

Young further added: "The same thing is happening now in the tablet and iPhone markets, where there are many different players and many products all competing against Apple with its integrated platform.'' 
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Simple Reason Why iPhone 5 Should Adopt Micro-USB....

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By now, almost everyone has learned aware that the European Union (EU) has moved forward on micro-USB as battery charging standard for smartphones beginning January 2011. Nearly every major smartphone manufacturer has jumped onto the bandwagon yet only Apple still hasn't have adopted the micro-USB connector. This leaves room for speculation whether Apple will abandon its proprietary 30-pin dock connector and finally embrace micro-USB. Apple however can separately include a dock to micro-USB adapter in order to comply with the EU ruling.

As it's unlikely that Apple will roll out a different iPhone with integrated micro-USB for the European market, it does sound logical the next iPhone will just feature micro-USB. It's probably in the best interest for Apple to follow this path. Even though this move might somewhat annoy consumers with dock accessories, it also creates new opportunities for AirPlay devices at the same time. Seeing AirPlay is a more convenient wireless connectivity method of delivering audio and HD video, Apple shouldn't have a problem luring people to invest new AirPlay gadgets. As for Bluetooth, Apple probably never liked it for anything other than Bluetooth earpiece and keyboard due to its limited bandwidth.
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will iPhone 5 bring down Sprint and T-Mobile networks?

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With the iPhone 4 having found its way to two of the nation’s four major cell carriers, logic dictates that it’ll find its way to the other two eventually, with the potential for an iPhone on Sprint and/or T-Mobile to be a reality as soon as the iPhone 5. This begs the question, hypothetical for now, of whether the arrival of the iPhone on the third and fourth largest U.S. cellular networks would drag down those networks. Or as one Beatweek reader put it, sarcastically: “Oh great – T-Mobile’s Blackberry users are already having trouble sending and receiving data in some cities. Now we’re going to have to compete with the ultimate bandwidth hog that’s responsible for screwing up the AT&T network (iPhone).”

So is there any truth to this? Could the arrival of the iPhone 5 in quantity on T-Mobile or Sprint cause not just those users, but all of that carrier’s users, to suffer? Generally speaking, the more phones trying to make calls on the same network at a time, the more potential for call quality or reliability to degrade – but only once a given tower or backbone has reached its limit. What would be needed for noticeable negative results would be a lot of additional phones in the mix and calls being made. But then again, a Sprint iPhone 5 or a T-Mobile iPhone 5 would be quite popular beasts. The same theory applies to data usage: put enough users on the same network and have them all check their email at the same time, and it’ll eventually hit a point where everyone sees slower data speeds.

What’s important to keep in mind here, is that the fear in the minds of users of other carriers (such as the reader quoted above) is largely based on the major decline in the quality of the AT&T network once the iPhone got popular. One little problem, however: that never actually happened. In one of the more bizarre common misperceptions of the digital era, users of Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are largely under the impression that iPhone users have been struggling with the AT&T network. Ask the typical iPhone user about this however, what has been done in study after survey after study, and one quickly learns that such problems don’t actually exist, or only exist in some small fraction of the proportion to which they’ve been blown up to. For instance, while customers of the other three carriers in San Francisco are largely convinced that an AT&T iPhone is all but unusable in their city, iPhone users in San Francisco can only shake their heads in disbelief when they hear such nonsense being spouted by people who’ve never even used an iPhone, as iPhone users in San Francisco simply do not have the problems they’re routinely branded as supposedly having. This surreal phenomenon may be traceable to the fact that when the iPhone launched on a single U.S. carrier back in 2007, users of the other three carriers (most of whom were contract-bound at the time and couldn’t move to AT&T even if they wanted to) needed to come up with some kind of rationalization as to why the iPhone wasn’t worth it anyway. Assuming that AT&T was unusably bad, and then spending years repeating it to each other until it became a known (false) fact, allowed them to explain away why they remained on a competing carrier even though they wanted an iPhone – and somewhere along the way they came to believe the nonsense they’d made up about AT&T being unusable. Nevermind that none of their iPhone-using friends have any actual problems with AT&T; it’s enough that they knew “someone who had a RAZR once on AT&T” which allows them to claim to know what the AT&T iPhone experience in 2011 is all about.

The upshot of all of the above is that despite a metric ton of misinformation on the matter, the iPhone never killed the AT&T network, as iPhone users simply are not having the problems which customers of competing carriers imagine them to be having. As such, the recent arrival of the iPhone in Verizon isn’t going to bring any pain to existing customers, nor will the eventual arrival of the iPhone 5 (if it happens) on Sprint or T-Mobile. Every network has its limits. But if tens of millions of iPhone users on AT&T didn’t cause any real problems for its customers, then users of other carriers have nothing to worry about. Here’s more on the iPad 2.
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New Android API with NFC Makes Bluetooth Pairing Obsolete

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Google is making good use of NFC technology and its Software Development Kit for Android version 2.3.3
features an API for “insecure Bluetooth socket connections”. Paired with NFC
technology, this API will be able to provide a tap-to-connect feature, which would render Bluetooth pairing redundant. This API can work on both the client and server sides.

HP has already demonstrated the similar effects with its TouchPad tablet and Pre 3 smartphone. So, now the devices running Android 2.3.3 or later can look forward to the time where they just have to use a simple tap to interconnect and transfer data. On the other hand, Apple is also said to be busy working on enhancing NFC technology. A security analyst with Ticonderoga Securities has claimed that the Cupertino company is looking to introduce a “new twist” to NFC technology. Apple is also making a push on the mobile payment front with this technology. Well, we yet have to wait for the release of iPhone 5 to see what all this company is planning to offer. But two mobile giants working on pushing the boundaries of a technology is certainly an interesting proposition.
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New Google Android Unveiled At Mobile World Congress 2011

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Mobile World Congress News
As many as 60,000 professionals gathered in Barcelona, Spain, for Mobile World Congress 2011. At least 200 different countries were represented. The unveiling of the newest generation of Google Android smartphones and tablets took place.

Android had a huge footprint at the gathering. Its booth took up two floors and sported items such as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play phone that operates on Gingerbread. LG’s Optimus Pad was also highly visible. It is powered by Honeycomb.

Since video games drive the market of mobile devices, the Android display had a very large section strictly devoted to the next generation of mobile games. New technology will provide the capability for smartphones and tablets to achieve the level of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Mobile World Congress opened a new trend that is highly expected to be the rave. Cross-platform gaming on Android and Tegra devices allows players to team up. The appeal is huge when a person can actually have the same game on his smartphone as he has on his computer.

The portability of the world now has influenced everything. Phones are no longer just phones. They are smartphones that are capable of allowing a person to carry his entertainment with him in his pocket.
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Samsung Galaxy S II Tegra 2 variant ?

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The Samsung Galaxy S II was, of course, unveiled at MWC last weekend.

The Gingerbread touting S II comes with a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus display, an 8 megapixel camera (capable of full HD), bluetooth, wi-fi and the option of 16 or 32GB of memory.

All this alongside a dual-core 1GHz processor, one of Samsung’s own Exynos system-on-a-chips. However, it seems that according to Anandtech (via T3), Samsung and Nvidia also quietly let slip that they were working on a joint “superphone”.

The website speculatively put two and two together, given that Samsung has listed its own processor as not being used in all regions in the S II, guessing that a Tegra 2 replacement may be on the cards for some markets.

Samsung hasn’t said anything yet, and has kept this all on the sly, to avoid confusing punters at the moment, which sounds like a fair enough possibility.

As usual with these sort of rumours, time will tell. The S II is expected to be available as soon as next week in some parts of Europe.
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Samsung announces the thinnest smartphone in the whole world

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Seoul. Samsung has also shown off what it says is the thinnest smartphone around - the 8.49mm thick Samsung GALAXY S II. Sony Ericsson claims the title for thinnest phone, but that is due to its curved shape - the overall thickness is wider.

The dual-core Android 2.3 based smartphone also supports HSPA+ with peak download rates theoretically reaching 21Mbps on supported networks.

The GALAXY S II also delivers seamless multitasking, switching between applications instantly. The Samsung GALAXY S II has been equipped with an 8MP, high-profile camera and camcorder with 1080p full HD recording and playback
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Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi: A Replacement For The Ipod Touch ?

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It seems that Samsung is taking on the iPod touch with their new device, the Galaxy S WiFi. Samsung introduced this media player at the Mobile World Congress a few days ago. It is expected for both these devices to be released this year. However there is no official word on the release date or the price.

Samsung introduced two Android based media players at the Mobile World Congress, the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.0 and the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0. Overall, these devices are just like the Galaxy S phones, the only difference being that they do not have cellular phone capabilities.

The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 has a 4-inch WVGA Super LCD display. It is powered by a 1GHz Hummingbird processor. It comes with a 3.2 MP rear camera with HD video recording, along with a front facing VGA camera for video calls. The Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.0 will be available in three versions: 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. The device runs the Android 2.2 which is upgradable to 2.3.

Coming to the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0, it has a 5-inch TFT LCD touch screen. It is also powered by a 1GHz Hummingbird processor. It has a 5 MP rear camera with HD recording and a front facing VGA camera. The Galaxy S 5.0 will come in two versions: 16GB or 32GB. It also runs on the Android 2.2.

In my opinion, Samsung has taken a step in the right direction. While Android phones have taken over the mobile market, they are not really known for their musical experience and most people do carry an iPod or some other media player with their Android cell phones. With the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi, we can now enjoy great music on the Android platform.
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Nokia X7-00 Leaked, Runs Symbian^3 has Four Speakers

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Another Nokia phone surfaces in the wild, videos and pictures of the unannounced Nokia X7-00 have now leaked online. The report comes from SlashGear, the upcoming Nokia X7-00 runs the Symbian^3 and has four speakers which suggest that it is heavily focused on entertainment.

Features of the phone include a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 360 x 480 (probably a gorilla glass like the Nokia N8). Along with four speakers the Nokia X7-00 has an 8 megapixel camera, 245MB of RAM and 450MB on onboard storage.

Obviously now pricing and availability information is yet available, but check out this video. I feel it is way better than the Nokia N8 and definitely a great device for Nokia fans.
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