How To Get Your Snap-On Tools Fixed for Free

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How To Get Your Snap-On Tools Fixed for FreeSnap-On tools have pretty much the same guarantee as Craftsman Tools. - It breaks, we fix or replace it. - I've used and trusted Snap-On tools for about 15 years now. I used to work in an auto body shop and learned quickly how long cheap tools really last. I recently had both a Craftsman ratchet and my Snap-On ratchet break at the same time. I went to
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Bauchtanz Video aus Berlin

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Hier ein schönes Video von einer Wohnungseinweihungsfete aus Berlin. Es zeigt, wie Berlin leibt und lebt und Bauchtanz boomt:
Wohnungseinweihungsfeier Mai 08
(So sehe ich dabei aus.)

Wenn Sie sich für Bauchtanz interessieren, werden Sie sich sicher auch für Gesundheit interessieren. Es gibt soviele, die einfach zuhause sitzen und sich nicht bewegen. Eine gute Idee ist es daher Bauchtanz zu einer art "Job" oder "Berufung" zu machen.

Bauchtanz kostet eine Menge, gerade in Berlin. Sogenannte "Bauchtanz-Kurse" berappen schonmal Geld für eine halbe Tankfüllung im Monat. Schade eigentlich, dass es für die monatlich über 30 Euro Bauchtanzgebühren kein Geld gibt, wenn man Bauchtanz Bauchtanz Videompfiehlt.

April o9 haben wir endlich, mit 2 Freundinnen, einen Bauchtanzkurs gefunden, im
Frieda Frauenzentrum
Proskauer Str. 7
10247 Berlin (Friedrichshain).
Kosten sind 25,00 € für 4x monatlich 1,5 Stunden = 6 Stunden (1 x 6,50 €).
(So würde ich gerne aussehen möchten.)
Wer eine Bauchtanzlehrerin oder Fitnesstrainerin kennt, die weiss, dass viele Menschen sich keine Fitnesskurse leisten können, der kann man Seite empfehlen.

Hier können wir das alle lernen:

Sakkara Katalog

Egyptian Belly Dancing : Egyptian Belly Dancing : Snake Arms
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Fruit juice causes type 2 diabetes?

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fruit juice causes risk of type 2 diabetes study Nutritionists prove link between
fruit juice and type 2 diabetes

Dr Lydia Bazzano and colleagues from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in Louisiana and other medical and academic centres across the USA carried out this study. The research was supported by the National Institutes of Health. One of the researchers received a grant from the Office of Research on Women’s Health and Office of Dietary Supplements. It was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal: Diabetes Care.

This was a cohort study of over 70,000 female nurses followed for 18 years to determine the links between diet and risk of various outcomes. The study has published many parts of its results over time, and in this particular paper the researchers report on the association between all fruit and vegetables, particular types of fruit or vegetable, and fruit juice with the onset of type 2 diabetes during the 18 years of follow-up.

This confirms advice by qualified nutritionists, good dietitians and the Food Standards agency that warn it's whole fruit and vegetables you need for optimum health not fruit juice.

No matter how much juice you drink it only counts as 1 portion towards your 5 (better 8 or 9) portions of fruit and veg per day.

Juice is quite often not juice at all and this study doesn't seem to differentiate. Many juices on the market are 'fruit drinks' with added sugar or worse still added sweeteners. Juice is very rarely fresh more likely pasteurised that would kill the beneficial enzymes that you would get from live fresh fruit. Even smoothies are pasteurised so although you benefit from the fibre and are thus better than juice or no fruit at all they are still not as good as a home made berry smoothie or the fresh fruit itself.

Intake of total fruit and green leafy vegetables appeared to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes which confirms nutritionist and Raw Foodists claims that green is the most important colour in your rainbow menu.


Same old same old - 3 portions of fresh fruit and 5 portions of vegetables per day with a rainbow of colours - emphasis on the green. Fresher and the least processed (raw?) the better.

Fresh smoothies are getting easier to buy with smoothie bars opening up in shopping malls - they usually use frozen berries which some would argue is better than limp fresh ones. For convenience you could add a heaped teaspoon of green hemp protein or seaweed and algae to your fruit smoothie to lessen the strain of the sugar on your insulin levels or eat a handful of seeds with your smoothie.

The one juice exception may be wheat grass but I suspect we'll have to wait quite some time before we see a research study of 121,700 nurses on their wheat grass juice consumption and the effects on insulin levels over 18 years even in the USA

Foods for life - Nutritionist London
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Nutritionists and Dietitians

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catherine collins If anyone had any doubt about the differences between Nutritionists and Dietitians Catherine Collins put them straight on Radio 4 recently - 'if your urine is too dark or you are thirsty then drink squash and coffee' she told the Radio 4 listeners

She insinuated her clinics are full of people maimed by incompetent Nutritionists. In our nutritional therapy clinics we regularly see people who feel they have to pay £95 an hour because they have been failed by their NHS GPs and dietitians, left to suffer for up to 20 years with missed obvious clues to their underlying symptom causing conditions.

I guess that's another difference with dietitian Catherine Collins and a good nutritionist , instead of hyperbolic whinging on the radio that all Doctors and dietitians should get some basic nutrition training or be thrown in jail, qualified Nutritional therapists get on with the job of healing people.

The final difference between Nutritionists and dietitians is the most important one. Patients rarely get 'sent' to a nutritionist, they don't have to come, sent by their doctor. Patients choose to come, choose their therapist, choose to pay and choose to follow a nutritionist's advice. Patients usually arrive at our clinics after a personal recommendation from someone who's life we have already transformed.

Yes it is a constant thorn in our side too, that there are some truly awful practitioners out there that call themselves nutritionists. Surprisingly we can't get wait to get regulated (as long as the EU leave us the tools to do the job). However although regulation will weed out some of the Personal Trainers that call themselves nutritionists and a host of other 'Jack of all trade' alternative therapists it won't solve the kind of problems that provoke Collin's vitriolic attacks. GP's are heavily regulated, it doesn't stop them missing things that experienced qualified nutritional therapists regard as blatantly obvious. You can't know everything - that's why you have specialists.

It's great that dietitians are finally regulated and now required to participate in regular professional development but old habits die hard and there are still the odd few that are able to do more harm than good. (Ice cream and custard creams for osteoporosis!!??!!) Frustated by the constraints of dietetics as a therapeutic tool some dietitians have gone on to learn about nutritional therapy and are now some of the most dynamic practitioners out there.

A modicom of common sense maybe useful here. Choose a nutritional therapist who specialises in nutrition, with experience, with insurance, with recognised qualificatons and preferably with a personal recommendation.

Nutritional therapy is performance based. If therapists don't get people well, patients won't come back, they won't tell their friends and they won't pay the money. Chances are they won't be in business for very long.

If you want a dietitian make sure you get a good one

Always go to your Doctor first (it's free!) if they can't help you give us a call!

Tony Bishop-Weston - Nutritionists London Foods for Life
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KDE 4.1 in Windows XP SP3

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I had a little problem when I tried to install KDE 4.1b1 under Windows XP SP3, but was eventually able to fix it by installing the Microsoft Virtual C++ 2005 SP1 redistributable instead of the MSVC++ 2005 one that came with KDE 4.

After that it was amazing to see the KDE applications work pretty well natively under windows. And some KDE software is just really, really good and better than anything else you can get to run on windows.
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How To Clean LCD Computer Screen

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How To Clean LCD Computer ScreenThe best way to clean a LCD computer screen is to first turn the monitor off so the screen is dark and easier to see. Use 1 part distilled water mixed with 1 part white vinegar. Moisten a clean cotton handkerchief with the mixture and very gently wipe down the LCD screen. If you're not comfortable using this homemade LCD computer screen cleaner there are commercial
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Opera Link Disaster

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim on Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, what was I going to do?

I tried to recover what was left. Many folders and files were just randomly spread across the Opera link directory where I at first couldn't find them, instead of deleted.

Then I tried to ease, but online editing is hardly possible. Trying to sync really deleted most of the bookmarks this time. At least there wasn't as much to sift through.

So I put everything in the trash and picked out the good stuff, put it into new folder and basically started over. Now I will backup my bookmarks and pray this won't happen again.

You really need to work on that sync code, guys at Opera!

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The Incredible Dangers of the Buggy Opera Link

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In Opera 9.5 a pretty cool feature is introduced. At least that what I thought at first. Opera link synchronizes your bookmarks between an online account and your computer and your Opera mobile.

The problem is only that it's written so incredibly bad, that it's extremely dangerous to use. You must definitely make a backup of all your bookmarks before even thinking about using Opera link.

I had a database of about 550 bookmarks. They were neatly organized in the last few months and of course many were new. Because in the past Opera link often duplicated my bookmark folders, I created a new account to sync to.

The problem is I was too damn stupid to make a backup before using Opera link. And now the worst possible thing happened.

Opera did not use the newly created account I told it to use. It did not backup my bookmarks. It "synced" to the old account. It deleted all my bookmarks from the last 6 months forever. And it replaced them with the mess that had existed before.

I'm indefinitely frustrated right now, more than I have been in a very, very, very long time.

I think I will switch my browser.
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Understanding Directory Rights in Linux

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Directory rights in Linux can be pretty confusing. Unfortunately many chmod howtos don't explain them properly. So here's a really quick guide. You should first know how to handle chmod (man chmod) and what the rwx flags normally mean: read-write-execute. For directories they have slightly different functions which I will now explain.

If you use ls -l it would display for example drwx--srwt someuser somegroup(...).
The first letter of the permission string is always d and stands for directory. Than come the letters for the user (rwx), the group (--s) and others, meaning everyone who is not the user of the group (rwt).

If you have only reading rights you can do nothing (chmod a+r-wx mydir). If you're the owner you can list the contents it seems.

If you have reading and execute rights (chmod a-w+rx), you can see cd into the directory and list its files. But you can not create any files.

If you have only writing rights, you can not do anything with it.

If you have writing and execute rights, you can create new files, but not list the directory's contents. But you can still access the files, if you know their name and have permissions for that.

rws (with x) or rwS (without x)
If the directory's group permission is set to super (chmod g+s), new files have are owned by the same group as the directory.

rwt or rwT(without x)
If the text bit is set (chmod o+t), files in the directory can only be deleted by their owner, not the group. But they can still be overwritten, if the files permissions allow that. So it's no real protection.

This means that usually there's little sense in a directory that's r-- or -w-, as that let's you do hardly anything. You should usually set the directory to r-x, -wx or rwx.

Important: A user needs to have at least execute (x) rights to all directories above the directory in order to be able to do anything in it.

Be aware that the handling is usually on the careful side, so if you are the user and your permissions are --- but the group's permissions are rwx and you're in the group as well, you won't be able to access the file or directory. Because the more restrictive rights for the user will be used in favour of the permissions of the group you are in.

Also notice that in the example commands, e.g. chmod a+r-wx, I usually set the permissions for a, which stands for all and means user, group and others. This is just to make sure you can reproduce what I have written here. Of course you should carefully select what the rights for the owner(o), the group(g) and the others(o) should be: E.g. chmod u=rwx g=rx o-rwx mydir.

Also check out Wikipedia on file permissions as well as these articles by LinuxExposed for files and directories.
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The Internet

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I just wanted to try out something I found on the DVD of my computer magazine. I don't know why, but I just went to the website to download it. The problem is just that I'm in Australia and the download limit for this month is already exceeded and thus the bandwidth throttled to 6kb/s.

And after I had downloaded half of the file from the Internet it occured to me: Why not copy it from the DVD? And so I did. Crazy how you can get accustomized to downloading everything online...

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Stress durch Langeweile

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Stress durch Langeweile
In der Arbeitswelt hat sich zum bekannten Burn-out-Syndrom das Bore-out gesellt.
Die Arbeit langweilt, unterfordert, irgendwann resigniert der Mitarbeiter und erkrankt im schlimmsten Falle.
Falsche oder zu wenige Aufgaben können die Ursache sein.

Burnout beginnt, wenn Angestellte die Arbeitszeit nur noch absitzen
Mariola leidet.
Sie möchte anonym bleiben. Unter dem Betreff "Goldener Käfig" schreibt Mariola als Teilnehmerin eines Internet-Forums: "Ich arbeite seit 2002 bei einer der obersten Landesbehörden, und schon ein Jahr nach meinem Diensteintritt war mir klar, dass ich hier nicht glücklich werde. Nach der Einarbeitungsphase bekam ich keine eigenständigen Aufgaben. Ich mache nur mal etwas Ablage für den Chef oder erledige gelegentlich einen Anruf für ihn. Ansonsten sitze ich meine 41 Stunden in der Woche regelrecht ab. Verkehrte Welt? Normalerweise klagen Mitarbeiter über zu viel Arbeit, über hohe Aktenberge, die sie nicht mehr bewältigen. Aber auch Unterforderung, Langweile und Desinteresse können Mitarbeiter belasten.

Manager schlagen Hotel kurz und klein
Wenn Stress krank macht
Ausgelaugt am Arbeitsplatz
Alle Artikel im Überblick
Regelmäßig Post von "Jobs"
Zeit absitzen im "Sterbezimmer"

In einer Umfrage unter 10 000 amerikanischen Arbeitnehmern gab ein Drittel der Befragten an, nicht genug zu tun zu haben. "Beim Thema Unterforderung hatten wir im Bankenbereich schon Fälle, bei denen der Begriff ´Sterbezimmer´ fiel: Mitarbeiter saßen über Wochen während der Arbeitszeit in ihren Büros und hatten nichts zu tun", sagt Martin Müller, Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht in Frankfurt. "Dabei haben Arbeitnehmer ein Recht auf Beschäftigung, das sie auch gerichtlich durchsetzen können." Dieser Beschäftigungsanspruch leitet sich aus dem grundrechtlich garantierten Persönlichkeitsschutz des Arbeitnehmers in Verbindung mit Grundsätzen des Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuchs her.
All denen, die nicht mehr weiter wissen, etwa weil ihr Chef nicht gesprächsbereit ist, bleibt vor dem Jobwechsel noch ein letztes scharfes Schwert: das Beschwerderecht nach dem Betriebsverfassungsgesetz.

"Wer die Fehler bei anderen sucht, kann seine eigenen nicht sehen."
Mahatma Gandhi
Mehr Lebensqualität:
Egal, was hier steht, Sie wollen etwas ändern?
Lösung, auch wenn es nicht gleich verständlich ist ..., ist ganz einfach, Zahnbürste bestellen und weitere Infos bei Job Gesundheit Freizeit und Unterstützung von uns anfordern!


Fragen zur Anwendung und Selbsthilfe beantwortet unser internes Gesundheitsnetzwerk.
Wie Sie ohne Risiko und ohne Investition Ihr Geschäft aufbauen und Ihren Hauptberuf behalten!
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Pc speaker as sound card

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim on Sunday, July 13, 2008

The new driver snd-pcsp in the linux kernel, starting at 2.6.26, lets you use your pc speaker as normal sound card, e.g with good old mplayer:

mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=pcsp

The sound is of course pretty bad, but also amazingly good when you think about the fact that it's only made beeping. ;-)
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Fork KDE?!

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I believe a fork of KDE 4 is not only a bad choice and almost impossible. It's also silly. Because the basis of KDE4 gives you so much freedom to customize everything on the desktop that it would be much easier and more sensible to simply recreate a KDE3 look&feel for KDE4.

Now let's see if the people bringing the complaints will deliver this or just keep shouting and complaining about it.

Look at the well written plasma libraries and you will know what I mean. KDE4 is a huge step and it's just amazing I could install the great vocabulary trainer parley unter windows with just a few clicks. This means you write your application with the comfort of KDE4 but you can use it under Windows, OS X, Linux and possibly other operating systems.

Check out this groklaw article for more.
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Undelete Files on the ext3 filesystem - Finally!

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ext3undel finally delivers what was long thought to be pretty much impossible, even by the developers who wrote ext3: You can undelete files which were deleted in an ext3 filesystem.

The funny part is that many people are not yet aware of this and you may thus still make interesting findings in partition images, e.g. the popular VMware images.

Check out the article at for more.
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Plasma Clocks after Suspend to Ram

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim on Saturday, July 12, 2008

Plasma is programmed with great care for saving resources. For example clocks only occupy the processor once a minute(when the displayed time changes). This is working well as I could just find out when I resumed my computer. The clock was still at the time from 2 hours ago when I suspended. Until about 20 seconds later, with a change in the minute, the time was displayed correctly again. This confirms how well this already works in plasma with KDE 4.1b2.
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Secret Ingredients in Takeaway Food

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim on Friday, July 11, 2008

Of course most restaurants don't want you to know what's in their food. If you did you think twice about eating it. Pizzas, Kebabs and curries have been shown to have more than a whole days allowance of saturated fat. Chinese food can not just have over the odds on saturated fat but up to 19 teaspoons of sugar per dish.

Yvonne Bishop-Weston Nutritionist London on GM TV this morning says "People can't make healthier choices if the nutritional information is kept secret. The simplest idea is to extend the Food Standards Traffic light system - If people then have a dish with a red rating for saturated fat or sugar they then know they factor that in for other food they eat that day.

Leading takeaway chains still offer little if any nutritional information to help customers make healthy choices, a study has found. None of the major takeaway restaurants give nutritional details on menus or menu boards, despite Britons eating almost two billion of their meals a year, the National Consumer Council (NCC) said.

Customers find it difficult to work out how much fat, salt and sugar they are eating, and cannot compare meals to choose healthier options, the NCC said. The survey of seven restaurant chains named Pizza Express as the worst offender for offering no nutritional information at all in its stores or online. Wimpy, Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza only offered information on their websites.

Only Burger King made details available before ordering in the form of a leaflet at the counter. KFC and McDonald's printed information on the back of tray liners. The NCC found that nutritional information was often hard to find, complex and difficult to understand. None of the information allowed consumers to compare the relative healthiness of different meal options at a glance.

A poll of customers by the NCC found three quarters would find nutritional information useful in takeaway restaurants, while 61% would use it to choose healthier meals. The study found a KFC meal of a Tower Burger, regular BBQ beans, yoghurt and cola contained nearly a whole day's salt and more than two thirds of the recommended daily amount of sugar.

In comparison, a KFC drumstick and breast, regular fries, Munch Bunch raspberry yoghurt and a regular diet cola provided less than half a day's salt and a sixth of the daily amount of sugar.

The Cabinet Office Food Matters study released this week recommended looking at ways to help consumers have access to healthier choices when eating out and having more information about the health and environmental impacts of their diet.

Recent studies have warned that single take-away meals such as curries or Chinese dishes can include more saturated fat than an adult should eat in an entire day. NCC policy expert Jeff Allder said: ``It's important that people can choose a healthy option if they want one, especially with consumers' growing appetite for fast food and the rise of obesity and diet-related illnesses.

``If people are going to change their eating habits they need clear, up-front information about what they are eating. The largest takeaway chains should take a lead from supermarkets, which provide a lot of information at a glance.''
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How To Test Soil pH

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim on Thursday, July 10, 2008

How To Test Soil pHYou can learn how to test your soil pH by following these simple instructions. Take a trip to your local garden center. Purchase a soil ph test kit. To analyze your garden soil pH simply follow the directions on the test kit package. Most of these kits are very easy to use. The majority of vegetable plants and flowers grow best in a slightly acidic garden soil with a pH of
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The answer to life, the universe and everything

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim on Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Google seems to have assimilated Douglas Adams' work, because it knows the answer to life, the universe and everything. Just google for

"answer to life, the universe and everything"

and you shall get it. More, as always, on Wikipedia.
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Many Applets in KDE Playground trunk are broken

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim on Saturday, July 5, 2008

Unfortunately many of the applets do not compile. At least not on my Kubuntu 8.04 system with KDE 4.1b2. If you want to try out a few, checkout one of these: calendar charselect darkstat embed-win keyboardLeds previewer timer toggle-compositing wifi-signal-strength.

I especially like wifi-signal-strenght: Easy but nice and rather pretty. Get it with

svn co svn://

And compile it with:

cd wifi-signal-strength
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/lib/kde4/

You may have to replace with PREFIX with the one from your distribution.
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Run Applications Faster in Wine

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim on Friday, July 4, 2008

If you run wine like this

env WINEDEBUG=-all wine

it's a bit faster, because the debugging is turned off.
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Intel Wireless Card not working in Ubuntu 8.04

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim

If you've got problems with your intel wireless card, esp. in Ubuntu 8.04, try restarting hal:

sudo /etc/init.d/hal restart

This might fix that wireless networks don't show up as well as other problems. Try the key combination for enabling/disabling the wireless card in your notebook again afterwards.
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NX Remote Control Software.

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim on Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm a big fan of Nomachine NX. It's a great remote control software for X which is so efficient you can actually run it over a modem connection. It has comfortable clients for Windows, Mac OS and of course Linux and others. The technology is great and the main library is published under the GPL.

It only needs one free port - the SSH port 22. And you can get your free server for Linux or Solaris(limited to two users). The two users which can use NX are chosen when you first connect as a certain user. If you want to free one user slot, just delele the user from NX:

/usr/NX/bin/nxserver --userdel user123

Another cool thing: Instead of the whole desktop environment you can also just run a single program. That makes it really easy to run a Linux program in a Windows environment. It supports printing over cups and has (rudimentary) sound and video support.

And this is not paid advertisement, I actually really like the software. And I think it's great the small company publish the library under the GPL. Of course you have to pay for enterprise level tools. But hey, they got to make money as well. ;)
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µTorrent with Wine under Linux

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim

uTorrent, or µTorrent is a very small and leightweight but full-featured bittorrent client. Unfortunately it's for Windows only. But fortunately it works great in wine.

Here's a little script to let you pass .torrent files comfortably over command line. I've got the same type of script for WordViewer and other software. Hopefully this will sometime soon by handled by wine directly.


WINE="env WINEDEBUG=-all wine"

if [ "$@" ]; then arg="z:`echo $@ | sed -e 's/\//\\\\/g'`"; fi

echo $arg > ~/logs/tmp

if [ "$@" ];
$WINE "$UTORRENT" "$arg" >> /dev/null 2>> /dev/null &
$WINE "$UTORRENT" >> /dev/null 2>> /dev/null &

Wine is called without debugging to save more resources. The argument is converted to a pathname that wine can handle better ("/" are converted to "\"). You probably need to adjust the path where uTorrent is saved.
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Fork KDE?!

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim on Tuesday, July 1, 2008 suggests KDE should be forked because he doesn't like the KDE4.1 prerelease so far. It's easy to come along, look at a prerelease and say: "Nah, don't like it." But you must be pretty crazy to go further and say: If I don't like it, noone will. So it should be forked.

It's funny because the things he criticizes most are the ones I cherish most in KDE 4.1.

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Geld Verdienen und Gesund Leben mit Xango im Network Marketing

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim

In der heutigen Zeit kann es gewinnbringend sein wenn man für Job Neuheiten offen ist , auch wenn diese aus dem MLM oder Network Marketing Bereich kommen. Vor allem für Existenzgründer bietet sich im direkten Vertrieb vom Hersteller zum Endkunden eine sehr gute Geschäftsgelegenheit ! Für viele Interessenten ist es zudem sehr interessant wenn sich der neue Arbeitplatz zu Hause befindet, das neue Geld Verdienen und arbeiten von Zuhause aus !
Mehr Infos dazu auf Xango Mangosteen .

Entstanden ist diese legale Vertriebsform in den USA der 50er Jahre und steht dem traditionellen Einzelhandel als Wettbewerb gegenüber. Für die Seriosität spricht der Bundesverband für Networkmarketing , Infos dazu auf ! In den USA finden sich viele MLM Firmen , ein MLM Network Unternehmen davon ist der Hersteller von Produkten für die innere und äussere Gesundeheit , XanGo ! Mehr Infos auf
Network Marketing Jobs bieten die Möglichkeit an , entweder direkte Kunden zu gewinnen oder motivierte Geschäftspartner zu generieren um an deren Umsätzen teilzuhaben , und das ganze ohne Gebietsbeschränkung.

Bei der Auswahl der MLM Firma ist es wichtig auf die Produkte , die Geschichte der Firma und auf den Marketingplan zu achten. Grade im Internet ist es durch geschicktes Online Marketing möglich auch hier neue Kunden oder Mitarbeiter für seine MLM Firma zu begeistern.

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