Night Mare Before Christmas?

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Gluten Free Vegan Christmas ?

avoid a nightmare before Christmas and healthy table christmas decoration

Are you having your very own nightmare before Christmas? Knee deep in Christmas decorations, underneath the Christmas tree, yet to find the perfect Christmas card and gift idea for your daughter in law, dreading the Christmas party and the inevitable Christmas games and Christmas songs. As the Christmas carols begin to play you discover it’s looking like a black Christmas and Christmas eve will indeed be a nightmare before Christmas as one of your guests has just confirmed and warned you they are not just vegan but gluten free too!!!

A vegan Christmas is bad enough but gluten free Christmas cake too – how’s that possible??

Here's Foods for Life Nutritionists, London to the rescue! Check out these life-saving Christmas Links and suggestions and avoid panic on Christmas morning

Zedz Foods
Gluten Free vegan Christmas Pudding – Gluten free Vegan Christmas Cake – Gluten free Vegan Mince Pies – Christmas goodies that everyone can enjoy.

Redwoods Foods
Not much Gluten free but a range of healthy and delicious pates, vegan fish alternatives including vegan smoked salmon pate, vegan turkey, sausages and all the trimmings. They also have a range of outstanding vegan dairy free cheeses including a cheddar and cranberry flavour - great for a Christmas cheeseboard

Plamil Foods
Go here for the vegan mayonnaise and the dairy free vegan chocolate including a sugar free hempseed chocolate. They also do a range of nuts and seeds with chocolate drops a healthier gluten free alternative to Crisps and Twiglets.

For The Vegan who has everything think about a Yaoh hemp raw milk maker, hemp oil, hemp seeds or perhaps the world’s only pure omega 3 algae based DHA and EPA from non fish sources.

Try also Lush cosmetics who are an alladin's cave of vegan cruelty free bathroom products and firmly against animal testing

More online Vegan Products at Goodness Direct including what's probably the healthiest ice cream in the world, the award winningbooja booja 's stuff in a tub. Only 4 ingredients - cashews, filtered water, cocao and agarve syrup. Absolutely amazing - a must this Christmas.

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Christmas - Time for a Heart attack

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ABC News: 'Tis the Season for Heart Attacks, Docs Say: "December and January are the deadliest months for heart disease, and many of the things that make the season merry are culprits: Rich meals, more alcohol and all that extra stress. "

Book up now with a nutritionist from to fully test your health status and get a strategy for coping with stress and optimised personal diet plan.

"As well as our essential amino acid, essential fats and hormone profiles atour London clinics we can also test all the top bio markers for deteriorating heart health" says London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston

Nutritionists London
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Join A Gym - Gym Membership

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