MONTHLY HEADER #64: Philippe Bouchet

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Incredibly detailed illustrations from the French illustrator Manchu. Philippe has a new book from Delcourt/SerieB editions titled "MANCHU Starships" some time this month. I will post a link when the info becomes available. All of these illustrations are traditional acrylic on 450g weight paper, 50x65cm. Check out part TWO... Thanks Philippe!

Keywords: traditional acrylic on paper science fiction illustrations by philippe bouchet manchu professional artist residing in france new book titled manchu starships published printed by delcourt/serieb editions publications
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Teachers strike extends to school prizegiving?

The Bay of Plenty Times reports
Secondary teachers are refusing to take an active part in end-of-year prizegivings as part of their pay dispute...The ongoing battle between secondary school teachers and the Ministry of Education has seen bans by the Post Primary Teachers' Association (PPTA) on teachers attending meetings and events after 5pm.

Otumoetai College principal Dave Randell said this meant he took "total responsibility" at last night's Creative Arts Awards ceremony.
Well, according to the Ministry of Education
A ban on PPTA members attending meetings and events before 8.30am or after 5pm.... includes a refusal to attend events like parent/teacher meetings and departmental meetings, but will not include formal prize giving ceremonies.
Just putting aside that creative arts awards are not end of year prizgivings, but are formal prizegiving ceremonies, the Ministry's website implies all prize giving ceremonies, including creative arts awards, are able to be attended by teachers in their teaching capacity.

But, unlike this journalist, I actually spoke with the PPTA. I was told the PPTA position exempts "academic prizegivings", even though that's not what the Ministry indicates. It would have been really nice of a journalist to contact the PPTA to clarify that end of year prizegivings are to be attended by teachers as they are exempt from the pay dispute, rather than write an inflammatory and incorrect article based on ignorance.
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Māori Party has a new president

The Māori Party has a new president. He is Pem Bird and was elected at the Māori Party conference. Bird beat Mereana Pitman, a former contender of the party's Ikaroa Rawhiti candidacy last election. Before the vote, Pitman told the conference that one of the reasons she was standing was to support Hone Harawira - who is campaigning against his colleague's deal on the repeal of the Foreshore and Seabed Act.

She also said she did not trust Prime Minister John Key and did not support the Maori Party's coalition with National but that she would meet with and work with Key for the sake of the party.

Bird supports the replacement legislation of the Foreshore and Seabed.

The party now has to elect a vice president to replace Heta Kingston,. Kingston is a retired judge whose decision on the Ngati Apa foreshore and seabed claim in the Maori Land Court led to the Court of Appeal decision which led to the Foreshore and Seabed Act, which led to the Maori Party.

It will be interesting to see how the new leaders handle the Iwi Leaders Group.
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3D concept ships by David J

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Cold-Levian on Deviantart. Sweet trucks.

Keywords: three dimensional modeling digital composite render concept spaceship starship art transportation design david j cold levian futuristic sci-fi video game film movie transport concepts rendered textured lit models
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Full of Little Bugs but not Without Potential - First Impression of the OYO E-Book Reader

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The new e-reader on the European block was just released and while it features a webbrowser, audio player, web store next to the book reading and everything with a touch screen, everything is also slightly buggy:

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Standing order 54
(1) A Minister may move, without notice, a motion to accord urgency for certain business
(2) A motion for urgency must not be moved until completion of general business
(3) There is no amendment or debate on the question, but the Minister must, on moving the motion, inform the House with some particularity why the motion is being moved.

The House has gone into urgency today. Why?
Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee then moved that the House should go into Urgency for two bills. One on employment laws issues relating to the film industry and the second on a "legal" matter.
Mr Brownlee said the need for Urgency on the second item would be apparent once the bill was introduced
What is this "legal" matter? How is that informing the House with some particularity as to why the motion has been moved to go to urgency on the second bill?
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More on Mana

The Alliance candidate Kelly Buchanan has effectively withrawn from the Mana by election. Although her name will be on the ballot paper because she couldn't withdraw in time, the Alliance is encouraging supporters to back McCarten. McCarten is also backed by the UNITE union.

The by-election will be held on November 20. Also, if high profile by-election candidates are going to send media releases criticising National Standards, you'd think at least they'd spell every word correctly and put commas in the correct places.
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Tips for Creating Symbols Copyright, Trademark, Registry in Microsoft Word

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Tips to make the symbol "copyright", "register" or "trademark" in Microsoft Word in a simple and concise manner,
The first way by using the Symbol function from the Insert menu in Microsoft Word. But an easier way is to use a shortcut that is a short way to activate a menu. What are the shortcuts to make symbols like ©, ® or TM in Microsoft Word?:

    * To create a symbol like the following
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Tips - Closing All Files Excel

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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software that is reliable. With Microsoft Excel, you can create inventory reports, financial reports, and various types of other reports. In fact you can display in a pivot table for data can be processed and presented with interesting.

Because in most offices, chances are you open lots of files or Excel files on your computer. If you want to close all these
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Computers and Internet threats!

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Computers are now a common thing. Every day, you may be associated with this object. Computers and the Internet has helped many of your work. Ease of finding information, perform various financial transactions, store or process data into something that is not too burdensome. But behind its simplicity, there are many threats that can destroy data or your computer either a PC or laptop.When you
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Microsoft: Do not Press the F1 Currently Browsing

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Microsoft found a weakness in software. In order to prevent this vulnerability exploited, the Redmond giant was also recommends users not to press F1 while browsing the web.
As quoted from Microsoft Security Advisory, Wednesday (3/3/2010), a weakness has been discovered in VBScript. Strictly speaking, this weakness will affect computer running Windows XP and Internet Explorer browser (IE).
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4 Got Cracks iPhone to Access Phone

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A crack was detected on the iPhone 4. This gap is known allows anyone to gain access to phone functions without having to enter a passcode.
Cracks that had tried Ben Grubb and the team from the Sydney Morning Herald that involves only a few buttons on the screen and physical buttons for accessing phone.
"With this method, we can make the iPhone 4 phone calls and send emails from your
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McCarten to stand in Mana

So former political party leader and former Labour member Matt McCarten is standing against Labour in the Mana by-election. It looks like Winnie Laban is going to have a dent in her majority. Hekia Parata may even win.

Winnie Laban got a 6155 majority in 2008. So what - two thirds of electorate MPs have an even higher majority. Many of these voters cast their party vote for someone other than Labour. And it is the party vote we should be looking at here, actually. Some voters of the left may decide to vote for McCarten.

Green voters are primarily from the far north of the electorate, which is why Jan Logie was campaigning in Paraparaumu during he weekend. In addition National gets a lot of votes from this area, whereas Labour tends to get its votes from Porirua East (especially Cannons Creek) and Titahi Bay. Three quarters of voters in these areas party- voted Labour in 2008, meaning that a good proportion in the north who voted for Winnie Laban cast their party vote for National or the Greens.

However Labour has a greater strength in the Porirua East compared to National strength in the North of the electorate, which is why Laban won in 2008. That’s not to say that Labour will win in 2010 as many Labour voters may back Hekia Parata for a candidate – and a byelection – vote in November.

In 2005 Labour got half the party vote, in 2008 it got 43%. A similar drop will see Faafoi get 36%, which is what Hekia Parata got in 2008, increasing National's 2005 vote. Of course this is a byelection so its a different dynamic. Independants have won by-elections - Winston Peters and Tariana Turia have; and Matiu Rata polled well when he contested a by election as an independant. All three started political parties that entered Parliament. Perhaps McCarten will be the next one to do that? Actually, wasn't McCarten Tariana Turia's by-election campaign manager?

The full list of contenders are : Kelly Buchanan for the Alliance, Julian Crawford for Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party, Colin Du Plessis for ACT, Kris Faafoi for Labour, Libertarianz candidate Sean Fitzpatrick, Jan Logie for the Greens, Hekia Parata for National, and Unite union member Matt McCarten as an independent.

UPDATE Bryce Edwards, as always, has a good post up, discussing McCarten's candidacy. Edwards claims that if McCarten does well it will almost certainly be the launching pad for a new left political party.

I`m really looking forward to the candidate meetings now. Can someone tell me when the next one is?
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Download Google Chrome 7.0 Offline Installer

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After last month has released Google Chrome Chrome 6.0, this time one browser it has released the latest version of Google Chrome 7.0 Stable. In the 6.0 version of Google Chrome did a lot of changes to the side of the interface (interface), as in the Address bar no longer displays the http:// at the website address and the loss of bookmarks button in the address bar.
As I quoted from the
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Prevent Users Delete or Uninstall Programs

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way that the user can not remove or uninstall the program. Indeed, sometimes on a computer that is used by more than one user, where all users have administrator rights, the uninstall program could happen. Perhaps because of factors due to deliberate or mis accident. Moreover, the removed program is a very important program and coincidentally also the installer is not there anymore. It must be
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Prevent Users to Install Program

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Perhaps many of you who use one computer for some people, such as a computer cafe, office or school. Sometimes you are a bit annoyed adminstartor computer with another user who wishes to install the program on that computer. Arise keinginana to disable the function to install the program on that computer. Then, how do I get the user can not install the program on a computer?
There is a way you
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Automatic Login in Windows 7 and Vista without Entering Password

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As you know, if you protect your user account with a password so every time they log into Windows you must click on the username and enter a user password. In terms of security it is very necessary to keep track so that others can not enter your Windows user account arbitrarily. However, during the installation of new programs or change the settings, some of which require restarting the
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How to Make a Backup of Windows 7 to A DVD

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ways going to the backup of Windows 7 into a DVD. Backing up Windows 7 to the DVD may be a solution for those who have limited disk space to store backups. Also, if you still have a damaged hard drive backups on a DVD.

How to backup Windows 7 into a DVD, almost the same as backing up Windows 7 to the hard disk. The difference is only in the voter drive backup storage. To do backups to DVD, of
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Application to determine Statistics Harddisk Contents

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Here's the software and some steps tutorial1.Download TreeSize Free 2.3.2 ( with a file size of 1.57 MB). Run the installer file TreeSizeSetup.exe, and immediately follow the installation phase.2.Jalankan TreeSize applications through the start menu. You can find out information on the allocation of files and unused disk space on multiple drives are available on the PC. To make
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Application to solve problems on the operating system components

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Among the many tools for dealing with problems in Windows, some of them having the function or feature complete. One of them is IObit Toolbox 1.0 which you can have from the website with size 15.64 MB.
More than twenty IObit tools incorporated in the toolbox, and all of them powerful enough to be used.
This application is able to perform diagnosis, repair the operating system
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Advice before using Window 7

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Interested in trying the Windows 7, the latest operating system from Microsoft? Before trying to use it, listen to past advice from Microsoft about the ability of PCs to be used.
But, do not bother calling Microsoft Customer Service to get it. Software giant is already preparing an application that is able to provide advice on PC users who want to install Windows 7.
The application is called
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The weekend road toll

Eight people died on the roads this weekend. Not one of them passed a cop on the side of the road , set to catch speeding motorists driving a few kilometres above the speed limit. Not one of those police on the side of the road were targeting motorists for dangerous driving, such as crossing the centre line or drinking too much before driving.

Not one of these deaths were prevented by all the many police on the roads this weekend. But there may have been a few near misses as motorists had their eyes glued to the speedo for fear of going over the limit and getting pinged by speed cameras out of view. Much was made of the low road toll on Queen’s Birthday weekend and the credit police took for it. Much will be made of the higher road toll this weekend, with the police saying “ it’s not out fault”.

But, you know, the police have no influence on the road toll. The weather during Queens Birthday was lousy and everyone stayed home, This weekend was fine and there were more cars on the road. More cars mean more crashes mean more deaths and more people going over 100k – and more people driving at 90k in fear of being fined. Its that simple. I wonder how much revenue was gained by the speed cameras?

I did notice that several accidents were in rural areas. Police don’t put speed cameras on gravel roads or rural roads - they don’t get enough revenue. But perhaps it will make some roads safer if they did. Even better, instead of enforcing the speed limit, do some driver training.
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How many people in these cases have been criminalised for smacking?

On 16 May 2007, the anti-smacking law was passed through parliament. Ever since, Family First’s Bob McCoskrie has been trying very hard to get information of people who have been criminalised for smacking. That is because John Key has said that if anyone is criminalised for smacking, he`d change the law.

By criminalised, I assume he means landed with a criminal conviction.

McCoskrie has taken out another full page ad in today’s daily papers, with “compelling evidence” that people have been criminalised for smacking their kids.

Now, I’m no fan of the anti-smacking law, but some of these examples trolleyed out by McCoskrie are not even smacking cases. None have gained a criminal conviction. Granted , some of the cases went to court, but the defence would not have been a smacking defence. In other words, had the Section 59 defence been available, it would most likely not have been used as a defence, let alone succeeded. Therefore police discretion to prosecute was not discretion under Section 59, it was badly used discretion irrelevant to Section 59. The case of a of a 70-year old bus driver taken to court for “ grabbing the arm of a rowdy boy” is not a smacking case, neither is a case where an uncle threw a cushion at his nephew. Yet these cases are claimed to be smacking cases by McCoskrie.

Some are not Section 59, and McCoskrie is wasting his supporters money in leading a misinformation campaign claiming that they are – and claiming that because they are criminalised for smacking (but without a criminal conviction), that John Key should change the law.
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Concept ship renders by Albert Yu

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Al Yu design. Lots more on conceptvehicles.

Keywords: albert yu al yu spaceship hover bike speeder design concepts sci-fi industrial design concept art san francisco pasadena art center college of design graduate disney epcot test track attraction amusement park ride designer
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Atom Power Usage Reduced with kernel 2.6.36

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As expected, the intel_idle driver includes ATM-C4 and ATM-C6 CPU power saving modes in kernel 2.6.36, even if your BIOS doesn't announce them. Check it out!

I'm sure it'll lower your power consumption by at least 0.5W on average loads. Of course there might be no difference at all if your BIOS already supports them. But often the BIOS disables the states when the AC adapter is plugged in. They still work, though, when using intel_idle. This makes your netbook less power hungry and more importantly: quieter. For some netbooks this will definitely be a big difference in run time as well.

Let me know how it works for you in the comments.
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Cheap Plug Computer for US customers

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After fiding the offer for Germany, it turned out the offer for US customers is much, much better. You get it for 32 $ (free super saver shipping) with this link.
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Günstiger Plug-Computer von Amazon / Cheap Plug Computer from Amazon

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Amazon hat gerade ein sehr günstiges Angebot (51 € inkl. versand), aber nur bei Bestellung über diesen Link.

(Amazon currently offers a cheap plug computer in Germany for 51 € incl. shipping via this link.)
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Rod Oram on Labour’s game plan

A while back I commented on Phil Goffs speech at the Labour Conference. Now Labour has attempted to be a lot more proactive recently, e.g OpenLabour, but one of the things Goff said in his speech was:
John Key has no game plan for our cities and our farms so that we can compete and win in the global economy.

I do.
Can any one tell me what that game plan is? Can anyone tell Rod Oram, because he doesn’t believe Labour has got a game plan.

National has a six point economic plan: regulation, taxation, infrastructure, science and innovation, skills and public service are the elements in the order it lists them. What’s Labour’s plan, apart from modifying monetary policy ( somehow), create (somehow) government involvement in economic strategy (unspecified), and removal of GST on fresh fruits and vegetables?
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Disabling Fsync in Laptop_Mode

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There are several libraries that help you to disable fsync temporarily so your hard disk doesn't always spin up to save your notebooks battery. Of course that is not very flexible as you need to preload the libraries meaning you have to restart the programs.

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Meat-eating 'kills 45,000 each year'

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Excessive meat-eating kills 45,000 each year reports the Independent The Independent:

A Dietry Judgement Day approaches.

This time it's Oxford University who has released statistics that show it would be better for health and better for the environment if we ate less meat.

The University study reveals lowering meat consumption in the UK would prevent about 45,000 premature deaths a year.

Oxford University's heart unit analysed the health consequences of a range of diets.

It concluded that eating meat no more than three times a week would prevent 31,000 deaths from heart disease, 9,000 deaths from cancer and 5,000 deaths from strokes each year, saving the NHS £1.2bn.

Friends of the Earth, which commissioned the research for its Healthy Planet Eating report, published today, said reducing meat consumption would also help slow the rates of climate change and deforestation.

Clearly this is the sort of thing that George Osbourne needed to address in his budget to make savage cuts to save the economy.

Healthier food in schools, hospitals and government offices is long overdue, the government needs to lead by example.
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Concept ship render by Gavin Rothery

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Gavin Rothery's portfolio. More work on robots and vehicles. Also, very interesting insight on the making of MOON visual effects.

Keywords: 3d three dimensional flying plane ship concept art model software renders by gavin rothery production spaceship attached missiles guns quick strike capability tactical fighter photo composite satellite zoom
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Uploading Videos to Picasaweb from Linux with GoogleCL

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All you need to know really is that it works via googlecl. Once you've installed that, it's as easy as google picasa post --title "Albumname" path/to/video.avi. And Google webspace is cheap with 20 G for 5 $ a year - with full control over your privacy. (Better than facebook anyway.)

Ok, you may need to upgrade to a current python-gdata and remove your old config files: rm -r ~/.googlecl/ for it to work. But it does work!
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Powertop C6 mwait record

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I know it's crazy and unfortunately I had no time to make a screenshot, but I recently had a 462 ms stay of my CPU in C6 mwait. That's what I call efficient. Also my Poulsbo netbook is down to about 3 watts with Wifi, HD and display off. For it's energy efficiency - though not for it's drivers - Poulsbo is an awesome platform.
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Miley Cyrus:Ava Sambora, Modeling Today, Miley Cyrus Tomorrow

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Richie Sambora showcased the new collection for his fashion line White Trash Beautiful on Sunday, he had a fresh face on the runway: 13-year-old daughter Ava. ”My daughter’s beautiful, she’s gregarious, she’s funny, she’s smart.

Ava, who made her modeling debut for her father’s clothing line at L.A. Fashion Week last March, was equal parts anxious teen and old pro at Sunday’s show. “I’m still nervous I just know how to hide it,” she admitted. “It’s like I really hope I’m not gonna trip.

Changing into a dip-dyed lilac top, leather short-shorts and funky nude wedges for the presentation, the young model confidently strutted down the runway with mom Heather Locklear watching from the front row. But when she isn’t giving her dad a hand, Ava is just a regular teen who looks up to stars like Miley Cyrus. “I really love Miley Cyrus,” she told PEOPLE.

Miley Cyrus is like my biggest role model–besides my dad.” And like most of her peers, she is not impervious to Bieber fever admitting, “I met him once at the Grammy’s and I was like about to cry. I love him so much.” So who does the budding model think is the sexiest man alive? “My dad!” Ava joked. “Just kidding…Justin Beiber.
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Concept ship art by Matt Tkocz

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Matt's web portfolio site Check Matt on the new large format conceptvehicles blog.

Keywords: concept space ship vehicle art design by matt tkocz born in rybnik poland in 1986 concept design visual development high definition large format design blog web site
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How to Contribute to Open Source for Companies

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim on Monday, October 18, 2010

x264dev has a nice summary on the topic.
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Printing with GIMP (link)

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim has an excellent article on how to print with GIMP.
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Parliament Today

A new website dedicated to the timely and accurate coverage of the New Zealand Parliament was launched today by Scoop Media Limited. It is “dedicated to the timely and accurate coverage of the New Zealand Parliament.

The new Parliament Today website will provide a useful complement to the radio and television broadcasts of Parliament as it will allow interested people to nearly instantaneously find out where parliamentary debates are up to, voting numbers on bills, whether bills have been passed or sent back to select committee or otherwise dealt with.

You can also look up the day’s Order paper.

While most of this information is presently available via Hansard after the event it is not immediately available as it happens, and this is the main niche that this new site will serve. You can also follow the site on Twitter.
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Richard Smitheman concept ships

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Keywords: digital tablet concept spaceship environmental art by richard smitheman the pencil test futuristic up side down port city docks alien ship terrorizing earth with electricity planes los angeles california la
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Hollywood star Angelina Jolie wins back permit for Bosnian film

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Angelina Jolie has been given back a permit to film in Bosnia that was briefly withdrawn because of rumors that her movie featured a rape victim who falls in love with her assailant, her producer said Monday.

Permission to film had been withdrawn last week, with the government citing incomplete paperwork
Jolie was given back the permit for her first project as a director after the country's culture minster was given the script in an attempt to assure him the rumors were false, said Edin Sarkic, Jolie's Bosnian producer. The minister did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.
"It's a big thing for Bosnia that such a mega, mega star is coming to Sarajevo."

The Oscar-winning actress is shooting the film in Budapest. Her production company said it was a love story between a Serbian man and a Bosnian Muslim woman who meet on the eve of the Bosnian 1992-95 war, which killed 100,000 people.

The Association of Women Victims of War protested Jolie's production after hearing rumors that the film's main characters — a Bosnian woman and a Serb man — were a rape victim and rapist.
Culture minister Gavrilo Grahovac pulled the filming permit Wednesday.

Sarkic said that the newly restored permit will allow Jolie and her crew to start filming in Sarajevo in November. They are currently filming in Hungary. He said the whole controversy was "unnecessary".

"There are many twists in the plot that address the sensitive nature of the relationship between the main characters and that will be revealed once the film is released," she said last week. "My hope is that people will hold judgment until they have seen the film."
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Northern Courier on GST

An interesting article in the Northern Courier by outgoing editor Frank Neill. This paper circulates in the Mana and Ohariu electorates. I saw it when it came out last week and have been meaning to post it.
GST is becoming more and more of an issue for more and more people. At least that’s what I hear when I’m out newsgathering.
Maybe one reason it is a focus now is that GST went up to 15% on October 1. Many people remember National leader John Key promising, before the last general election, that it would not rise.
My impression is that people seriously don’t like broken promises. A great many people take the view that it’s better not to make a promise you can’t keep.
Around six years ago, I remember seeing billboards up around the Ohariu electorate. They featured the picture of electorate MP Peter Dunne and the words “No GST on rates”.
Mr Dunne was not the only one saying “no GST on rates” back then.
Three years later, though, I wasn’t really hearing that any more. Not very much anyway.
Today it is different. I am hearing more and more people questioning why we are paying GST on rates. Many of these people say they think it is wrong for the government to charge a tax on this tax.
I have heard words such as “immoral” and “iniquitous” used to describe the fact that GST is collected on rates.
There is merit in the argument that government is morally wrong to tax rates. In our democracies, we citizens have decided to divide the public provision of services between central government agencies (paid for by taxes collected by Inland Revenue) and local government (paid for by rates collected by local authorities).
Why, then, should we have to pay extra to central government for this division of public service?
The argument that rates provide goods and services and should attract a goods and services tax is spurious. So do taxes. Taking this argument, government could then charge GST on our income tax.
The other issue discussed is GST on food.
Labour leader Phil Goff has announced that his party now has a policy of removing the GST on fresh fruit and vegetables.
He made the announcement is Porirua and it immediately drew a response from Ohariu MP Peter Dunne and Ohariu-based list MP Katrina Shanks.
Mr Dunne slammed the proposal. In fact, he labeled it “irresponsible”.
After years of arguing for the simple GST system we have, Labour’s about-face is more about the main opposition party polling at 30% than the health of New Zealanders, Mr Dunne said.
"This isn't a conversion on the road to Damascus. It is principle-free panic on the road to electoral defeat.
"There is no other explanation for a total reversal of a long-held policy that makes sense. We have a GST system that works well and is simple.

The whole article is here
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Labour Party conference: Goff has a game plan – but won’t tell us what it is

Occasionally, on Big News we like to praise both Labour, and National. Both parties have done great things in previous years –and both parties have done terrible things.

Phil Goff wants to do great things. But he needs to tell us how he wants to go about it. In his speech at the Labour Party conference, he did the former, but not the latter. He said
John Key has no game plan for our cities and our farms so that we can compete and win in the global economy.

I do.
In business, game plans are only effective if the CEO is a leader. If Goff wants the country to believe him, he is going to have to lead, and state what that game plan is, otherwise voters will conclude that he does not have a game plan – but a dream.
National won’t bring unemployment down. But Labour did.
I’d like to know how Labour is going to bring unemployment down to record lows, without pushing the sickness benefit up to record highs.
We will work with people who keep ownership and jobs onshore in New Zealand rather than exporting jobs overseas.
I’d like to know how Labour will work with people before they export jobs overseas, not just those who want to keep jobs onshore.
Labour is fighting to put government back on the side of hardworking New Zealanders, so that we don’t have two New Zealands any more.
We must be the party of "We can do this."
How about being the party of 'We will do this'?

Or don’t you know how, just yet?
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Fat schneiden Foods

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Sie haben nicht auf den Geschmack Olivenöl, Algen oder Soja zu erwerben, um eine fettarme, gesunde Ernährung zu halten. Indische Küche kann auch gesund, wenn sie mit Öl und Zutaten, die Versorgung von Herz und Gesundheit zu übernehmen gekocht ist.

Ayurveda empfiehlt Ihnen gehören jeden Geschmack - süß, sauer, salzig, scharf, bitter und zusammenziehend - in mindestens eine Mahlzeit pro Tag, um Bilanz unnatürliche Gelüste. Hier sind 12 Nahrungsmittel, die Ihnen helfen, Gewicht zu verlieren und gewinnen können Gesundheit:

Gelbwurz: Curcumin, der aktive Bestandteil der Gelbwurz, ist eine Aufgabe der Forschung aufgrund ihrer Eigenschaften, die sie dazu beitragen kann, schalten Sie bestimmte Gene, die Narbenbildung und verursachen Vergrößerung des Herzens empfehlen. Die regelmäßige Einnahme kann helfen, Low-Density-Lipoprotein (LDL) oder "schlechtem" Cholesterin und Bluthochdruck, erhöhen die Durchblutung und verhindert die Blutgerinnung und hilft, Herzinfarkt vorzubeugen.

Kardamom: Dies ist ein Kraut, das thermogene Stoffwechsel erhöht und hilft Körperfett zu verbrennen. Kardamom ist eines der besten Verdauungsförderung betrachtet und ist vermutlich das Verdauungssystem zu beruhigen und helfen dem Körper andere Nahrungsmittel Prozess effizienter zu gestalten.

Chillies: Lebensmittel mit Chilischoten sollen als Nahrungsmittel, die Fett verbrennen. Chillies enthalten Capsaicin, dass bei der Erhöhung der Stoffwechsel hilft. Capsaicin ist ein thermogenetisches Nahrung, so dass es bewirkt, dass der Körper Kalorien für 20 Minuten brennen, nachdem Sie die Chilis zu essen.

Curryblätter: Integration Curryblätter in Ihre tägliche Ernährung kann Ihnen helfen, Gewicht zu verlieren. Diese Blätter aus Fett und Toxinen Flush, reduziert Fettdepots im Körper gespeichert sind, sowie die Verringerung schlechte Cholesterinwerte. Wenn Sie übergewichtig sind, zu übernehmen acht bis 10 Curryblätter in Ihre Ernährung täglich. Fein hacken und vermischen sie zu einem Drink, streuen oder sie über eine Mahlzeit.

Knoblauch: Eine effektive Fettverbrennung Lebensmittel, Knoblauch enthält die Schwefelverbindung Allicin, die antibakterielle Wirkung hat und hilft, den Cholesterinspiegel zu senken und ungesunde Fette.

Senföl: Dies hat eine geringe gesättigten Fettsäuren im Vergleich zu anderen Speiseölen. Es hat Fettsäure, Ölsäure, Erucasäure und Linolsäure. Es enthält Antioxidantien, Vitamine und senkt den Cholesterinspiegel, was gut für das Herz ist.

Kohl: Roh oder gekocht Kohl hemmt die Umwandlung von Zucker und andere Kohlenhydrate in Fett. Daher ist es von großem Wert Gewichtsreduktion.

Moong dal: Die Sojasprossen sind in Vitamin A, B, C und E und viele Mineralstoffe wie Kalzium, Eisen und Kalium reichen. Es ist als Lebensmittelzusatzstoff Ersatz in vielen Schlankheits-Programme empfohlen, da es einen sehr niedrigen Fettgehalt hat. Es ist eine reiche Quelle für Proteine und Ballaststoffe, die niedriger Cholesterinspiegel im Blut hilft. Der hohe Ballaststoffgehalt Ausbeuten komplexe Kohlenhydrate, die die Verdauung, sind wirksam bei der Stabilisierung des Blutzuckers und verhindern die rasche Anstieg nach dem Essen Verbrauch.

Honey: Es ist ein Hausmittel für Fettleibigkeit. Es mobilisiert die zusätzlichen Fettdepots im Körper ermöglicht es als Energie für den normalen Funktionen genutzt werden können. Man sollte mit etwa 10 Gramm oder einem Esslöffel, mit heißem Wasser in den frühen Morgenstunden aufgenommen zu starten.

Buttermilch: Es ist das etwas sauer, dass Restflüssigkeit links nach Butter ist aufgewühlt ist. Die probiotischen Lebensmitteln enthält nur 2,2 Gramm Fett und etwa 99 Kalorien, als auf Vollmilch, dass 8,9 Gramm Fett und 157 Kalorien enthält verglichen. Die regelmäßige Einnahme versorgt den Körper mit allen wichtigen Nährstoffen und nicht fügen Fette und Kalorien in den Körper. Es ist daher hilfreich bei der Gewichtsabnahme.

Millets: Ballaststoffreiche Lebensmittel wie Hirse - Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, etc - absorbieren Cholesterin und erhöhen die Sekretion der Galle, die Fette emulgiert.

Zimt und Nelken: ausgiebig in der indischen Küche verwendet werden, haben die Gewürze gefunden worden, um die Funktion von Insulin und zu niedrigeren Glukose, Gesamtcholesterin, LDL und Triglyzeride bei Menschen mit Typ 2 Diabetes zu verbessern.
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Watermelon: Lowers blood pressure

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Watermelon: Eating the summertime icon could lower your blood pressure - "-

The LA Times reports "In a small, pilot study led by food scientists at Florida State University, researchers found that eating six grams of watermelon extract a day for six weeks lowered blood pressure in all nine middle-aged subjects with prehypertension — elevated blood pressure, but not yet considered high blood pressure.

Findings from the pilot study are described in the American Journal of Hypertension.

FSU Assistant Professor Arturo Figueroa, the lead researcher and his team tested watermelon extract because watermelon is the richest edible natural source of L-citrulline, which is closely related to L-arginine, an amino acid that's essential to the regulation of healthy blood pressure.

Once in the body, the L-citrulline is converted into L-arginine. Simply consuming L-arginine as a dietary supplement isn't an option for many hypertensive adults, said Figueroa, because it can cause nausea, gastrointestinal tract discomfort and diarrhea.

In contrast, watermelon is well tolerated. Participants in the Florida State pilot study reported no adverse effects.

Besides its vascular benefits, watermelon provides abundant vitamin A, B6, C, fiber, potassium and lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. Watermelon may even help reduce serum glucose levels, according to Professor Bahram H. Arjmandi, who also worked on the study.

"Once again fruit and vegetables are shown to be key in reducing the risk of preventable chronic disease - the nation has a choice - carry on eating less than half the minimum recommended amount of fruit and vegetables or eat more and increase chances of enjoying optimum health into elder age." says Yvonne Bishop-Weston

Nutritionist London
- Nutritionist New Forest
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Lower CPU power consumption with Atom in 2.6.36

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Len Brown recently wrote the intel_idle driver, a special idle mode driver for intel processors that lets you use deeper idle modes even when your BIOS does not announce them. Now he kindly expanded that to the C6 state for the Atom processor from the C2 state before. Now it does not matter if your power adapter is connected or not, you can use the C6 state. And if your BIOS didn't support it at all before, now you can still use it with Linux. Just compile 2.6.36(-rc8) with intel_idle built in and check it out.
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João Ribeiro concept ship art

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Keywords: digital concept spaceship art environments illustrations design by designer aspiring concept artist and animator joao ribeiro san francisco california walking ship vehicle in forest
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