Beer Diet

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The Beer Drinkers Diet

beer drinkers diet OK - we've seen it all now. Yep! The Beer diet is here! Forget all you've been told about alcohol and beer bellies (No please don't!) Apparently beer is good for you andas used as part of a calorie controlled diet can allegedly help you lose weight.(oh really?)

According to the New York Times (in an advert?)"For anyone seeking a health program that really works, The Beer Drinker's "Diet" is a motivating and significant book.”
—NEW YORK TIMES, best-selling author Ellen Tanner Marsh

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Perhaps a good Christmas present for big fat Beer Drinking Daddies - Not the best weight loss diet we'd recommend but perhaps anything is better than nothing - it's a start at least...........

For serious weight loss advice please visit (when you're ready dads!)
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Why would you BAN fruit and veg?

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Croydon Council to Ban Commuter Fruit and Veg

Yvonne Bishop-Weston has spent over 17 years of her life trying to encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables. She says "Many of the problems that people bring with them to our clinics are exacerbated by a diet with too few fruit and vegetables"

These days there is hardly a government or NGO concerned with health that don't advocate a greater consumption of fruit and vegetables.

The Food Standards Agency say "Fruit and veg should make up about a third of the food you eat each day. And it's also important to eat a variety. Five-a-day is a good, achievable target. If you count your portions each day it might help you to increase the amount you eat."

The World Health Organisation say "Fruit and vegetables are important components of a healthy diet, and their sufficient daily consumption could help prevent major diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. Overall, it is estimated that up to 2.7 million lives could potentially be saved each year if fruit and vegetable consumption were sufficiently increased."

The NHS say "Fruit and vegetables help set you up for a healthier lifestyle. To get the best health benefits, your 5 A DAY portions should include a combination of a variety of fruit and vegetables.
They're packed with vitamins and minerals.
They can help you to maintain a healthy weight.
They're an excellent source of fibre and antioxidants.
They help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers.
They taste delicious and there's so much variety to choose from.

So you can just imagine Yvonne Bishop-Weston's incredulousness when she discovered that Croydon Council, with an unfathomable display of lunacy, are set to banish a business targetting consumers and tempting them with fresh fruit and vegetables.

"Most council's would be delighted at a healthy eating project like this that is not only saving them money but paying them for the priveledge!" she says

save East Croydon Fruit and Veg Stall Kurdish Jawher Ahmad Mohammed and Salam Hassan have worked hard over the years to start a fruit and veg stall at East Croydon Station after finding a businessman to lend them the thousands of pounds they needed to start up. Then they had to find more thousands to pay Croydon Council for planning permission, council tax, business rates, and street traders licences. Then there's solicitors fees.

"Croydon Council are obviously trying get themselves nominated for the Christmas Carol Ebineezer Scrooge Bah Humbug award for callousness. They plan to ruin Jawher Ahmad Mohammed and Salam Hassan's business making them unemployed 2 weeks before Christmas. Because they are self employed they probably won't even be entitled to benefit!" says a horrified Yvonne.

Save East Croydon Fruit and Vegetable Stall Campaign
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Red meat and alcohol 'raise the risk of cancer'

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Red meat and alcohol 'raise the risk of cancer' | UK News | The Observer

The findings from a panel of 21 experts in diet, nutrition and public health will reopen the controversy about the role that red meat such as beef, pork and lamb and alcoholic drinks play in causing cancer, and how much it is safe to consume. The livestock and drink industries are likely to object fiercely to the report. But the experts, who have spent five years producing the document, insist their recommendations are based on the most up-to-date, accurate and credible scientific and medical research evidence available worldwide.

'The bad guys in terms of increasing your chances of getting cancer are alcohol, meat consumption and being seriously overweight,' said one senior figure behind the report. 'There's plenty of evidence showing that clearly meat is linked to cancer. Huge numbers of studies have shown that. Alcohol also increases your risk of cancer. Any alcohol above zero increases your risk of developing breast cancer and other cancers.'
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