Bacon Causes Lung Diseases ?

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Study - Bacon and Cured Meat Consumption a factor in Lung Function and diseases.

Cured Meat Consumption, Lung Function, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease among United States Adults -- Jiang et al. 175 (8): 798 -- American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine: "Rationale: Cured meats are high in nitrites. Nitrites generate reactive nitrogen species that may cause nitrative and nitrosative damage to the lung resulting in emphysema.
Objective: To test the hypothesis that frequent consumption of cured meats is associated with lower lung function and increased odds of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Methods: Cross-sectional study of 7,352 participants in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 45 years of age or more, who had adequate measures of cured meat, fish, fruit, and vegetable intake, and spirometry.

Results: After adjustment for age, smoking, and multiple other potential confounders, frequency of cured meat consumption was inversely associated with lung health

Frequent cured meat consumption was associated independently with an obstructive pattern of lung function and increased odds of COPD. Additional studies are required to determine if cured meat consumption is a causal risk factor for COPD.
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Bill Clinton Promotes Nutrition for Children

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bill clinton can't tell a neurotoxin from a calorie but joins the nutrition / obesity debate anyway

CalorieLab Calorie Counter News » Archives » Nibbles: Clinton says schools should make nutrition a priority

Perhaps an example of a little nibble of knowledge is a dangerous thing??? Bill Clinton is apparently (thankfully?) jumping on the obesity bandwagon. The trouble is he's doing it with a can of coke in his hand - very dangerous we think.

Should we put the health of our children in the hands of someone who can't tell a neurotoxin from a calorie?
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Chocolate Offsetting

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Chocolate Offsetting

Addicted to chocolate??? Check this out - great fruity ideas for offsetting your chocolate consumption.

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World's First Vegetarian Fish

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World's First Vegetarian Fish

April 1st - The world's first headless, vegan, fish - Scomberomorus Maculates Scervellato

world's first vegetarian fish

Swiss Biochimeric engineering scientists have managed to breed the world's first headless, brainless, fishless, fish by adding in proteins and fatty acids from EPA DHA rich micro algae. Macrobiotic Chimeric Engineering has reached new heights with the breeding of a new species that is closer to algae and seaweed than a fish.

Dr Oeildoiseau from the Lake Geneva Institute in Switzerland said “Zis is an amazing breakthrough that was achieved without genetic engineering and has incredible repercussions for the health of the world’s poor and landlocked communities. Ze technique used was a little like skin grafting and is made possible by ze very special properties of omega 3 rich Fish oil alternative from the essential fatty acids in micro algae"
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