Clean Your Microwave Oven With Vinegar

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Clean Your Microwave Oven With Vinegar If your microwave oven is splattered with food or greets you with a disagreeable smell or odor every time you open the microwave door, it's probably past time to clean your microwave. You don't need expensive or toxic cleaners to get the job done. Just grab some vinegar. It can be white vinegar or apple cider vinegar or whatever other type of vinegar you
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How Bizarre

Pauly Fuemana, who sung " How Bizarre" died this morning., aged 40. It's the second death in the family in recent years. His older brother Phil, also a musician, died in 2005 aged 41 of a heart attack.
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Massagen, Homöopathie und astrologischer Beratung

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Massagen, Homöopathie und astrologischer Beratung

Meine Freundin ist Heilpraktikerin und ich möchte ihren Rat nicht mehr und nie missen. Nebenbei interessiert sie sich schon immer für Astrologie und sie hat viele Interessenten, die sich von ihr beraten lassen. Meins ist das nicht, weil ich Angst habe, auf was "hin zu arbeiten", was mir erzählt wurde und weil vieles auf jeden passt u. a. Sie wird sehr viel von allen Regionen und aus allen Schichten befragt. Hier ist sie:

Meine Freundin, sie ist richtig gut!:
Wenn Sie mit mir in direkten Kontakt treten möchten, können Sie mich wie folgt erreichen:
Deutschland: 03341302538 (neu)

Ein weiser Mensch sagte…
„Sage nie NEIN zu etwas, bevor du
genau weißt, wozu du NEIN sagst“

Ich konnte in unterschiedlichen Berufsrichtungen Erfahrungen sammeln, u.a. mit bei Arbeit mit behinderten Menschen. Dabei spürte ich die Vorteile heilpraktischer Methoden.

1995 absolvierte ich die HP-Prüfung. Dann folgten u.a. Fußreflexzonen-Therapie, Ganzkörper-, Ajurveda-, Gesicht- und Entgiftungmassagen sowie die Ausbildung in TCM, zur Yogalehrerin und Astrologin. Im März 2005 folgte die Ausbildung in Thai-Massage, der Königin der Massagen.

Neben Massagen und homöopathischer Beratung (Bachblüten und Schüssler-Salze) biete ich auch astrologische und telefonische Beratung an.

Meine Freundin arbeitet als gelernte Heilpraktikerin, gibt Massagen, ENTgiftungsmassagen, Fußreflexzonenmassagen, Schröpfen, Astromedizin, Astrologie (7.1.11 Astro TV Vorstellung 17,00 Uhr Angelika dabei!), Kartenlesen, ENTgiften/Entschlacken, Darmreinigung, Nuskin, orthomolekulare Medizin, Rohkost u. Yoga(Lehrerin).
Sie praktiziert in Eggersdorf b. Strausberg und in Friedrichshain.

Ich freue mich auf Sie und bedanke mich für Ihr Interesse.....

Angelika F.


Die Uhren meines Freundes

Garantiert mehr Lebensqualität:
Egal, was hier steht, Sie wollen etwas ändern?
Unsere Lösung, auch wenn es NICHT GLEICH verständlich ist ..., ist ganz einfach, Zahnbürste/Lotion bestellen im Gesundheitsshop (neu) und weitere Infos bei Job Gesundheit Freizeit und Unterstützung von uns anfordern!


Videofilm: Gesundheitshinweise
Fragen zur Anwendung und Selbsthilfe beantwortet unser internes Gesundheitsnetzwerk.
Positives Feedback
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District 9 concept ship by Greg Broadmore

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The KING of FATBOSS blog... Greg's robots are off the conveya belt!

Keywords: concept alien spaceship from the movie film cinema district 9 nine concept art by greg broadmore king of fatboss blog weta workshop new zealand visual effects house
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Voting in Ohariu-Belmont

Peter Dunne is the MP for Ohariu-Belmont. Has been for more than 20 years. In 2005, Heather Roy also stood for the electorate, missed out and got into Parliament through the coat-tails of Rodney Hide. In 2008 she changed electorates but as of today three other candidates who contested the electorate in 2008 are in Parliament. They are Charles Chauvel, Katrina Shanks, who won the party vote in the electorate, - and now new Green Party MP Gareth Hughes. Should Roy contest Ohariu-Belmont in 2011, and Hide was to win his seat, the eight candidates standing for Ohariu-Belmont would have a 50 percent chance of becoming a MP, purely due to where they were placed on the party list.
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Concept ships by wakkawa

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It's always interesting when an artist has a strong sci-fi tech piece amongst tons of female anatomy studies:)

Keywords: concept spaceship art by wakkawa on deviant art nude female anatomical drawings portrait comic book style fine art
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BBC Panorama - The hunt for healthy food for children

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BBC News - Panorama - The hunt for healthy food for children

 Panorama - Children's food expose Tremendous expose of children's food and tricks currently being used to dupe parents.

Cow & Gates excuse for the high sugar in their follow on milk was a study that showed high protein children's diets lead to obesity.

However what the study actually reveals is that too much meat and dairy can lead to obesity and certainly NOT that sugar is better than fat and protein!

The study from the Research Institute of Child Nutrition revealed

The ages of 12 months and 5-6 y were identified as critical ages at which higher total and animal, but not vegetable, protein intakes were positively related to later body fatness.
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Francois L Cannels concept ships

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IgnusDei on deviantart... Concept robots!

Keywords: Francois L Cannels concept spaceship art IgnusDei deviant art account science fiction sci-fi design art blog out of vancouver bc
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The "ordinary New Zealander"

The term "ordinary New Zealander" has been used a bit by Labour politicians lately. Phil Goff has been using it for years. It reminds me when National was using the term "mainstream" New Zealanders, except Don Brash said that excluded homosexuals.

Goff has not defined what an ordinary New Zealander is. I assume it includes Maori, homosexuals and Michael Laws. Probably doesn't include Hine Elder or Clayton Weatherston. But it may well include the Exclusive Brethren leaders.

There are two classes of ordinary New Zealanders. Those who Labour thinks need state assistance and those who don't. Those who do are referred to by Goff as ordinary low and middle income New Zealanders.

Ordinary New Zealanders, according to Goff, are those who pay ACC levies and gets less and less in return. This week, Goff implies that the relationship between Labour and Ratana is working for the ordinary person, and expects Labour to be forming policy for ordinary New Zealanders. He says "I expect our people to be out there working hard on behalf of ordinary New Zealanders, doing their job as spokespeople and starting to develop their policy alternatives."

At Ratana, Goff said
Too often ordinary working families have to carry the burden for others who do not pay their taxes and meet their responsibilities
Perhaps Goff was thinking of those of us who can save, who are well off -but put money in trusts and get more WFF payments, while those who can't save rely on the WFF payments as their incomes are too low.

And again today, Goff said.
Labour would be working hard "alongside ordinary New Zealanders" to ensure they would get their fair share out of the recovery and the likely tax changes
So what is an ordinary New Zealander?

For Ruth Dyson ordinary New Zealanders are overweight people who should be getting funding for stomach stapling operations.

However, National has a different view of what is an " ordinary New Zealander'
“For ordinary New Zealanders, we’re particularly keen to ensure that our tax system rewards effort, encourages savings and helps families to get ahead.
I wonder what proportion of ordinary New Zealanders have enough income (after paying taxes the mortgage and bills) to actually save. Perhaps the kind of ordinary New Zealanders that vote National, put their savings into a trust and collect Labour's WFF payments that are targeted at ordinary low and middle income New Zealanders.
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REVIEW:Bollywood Actor Salman's VEER

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Mumbai-Salman Khan in a period film?!! I won't deny I was a bit apprehensive about how Veer would turn up to be. Yes, from the look and feel it did look like a period film, but fifteen minutes into the film, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying the plot as we saw cannons roar, swords clash and men on galloping horses slaying one another on the battlefield.

Set in the times when the British were colonising India, Veer is a tale of bravery, treachery and love rolled into one. As the British enslave India with their shrewd 'Divide and Rule' policy, kings and nawabs fall to their guile and entrust their kingdom to them, one of them being Jackie Shroff, the Raja of Madhavgarh. He cheats the Pindaris, a fighter tribe from Rajputana, to please the British and loses his right hand to Prithvi Singh (Mithun Chakraborty).

Prithvi, one of the proud heads of the Pindaris, swears to return and kill every white man and the Raja to avenge the deception that cost his tribe, their land and their reputation. The vile Raja of Madhavpur too harbours a similar intention behind his cool demeanour. But as fate would have it, little did he realise that one day his daughter Jashodhara (Zarine Khan) would fall in love with the bravest of them all, Veer.

Now Veer not only takes on the British rulers, he also has to fight the cunning Raja of Madhavgarh. But then he has fallen head-over-heels in love Jasho and has killed her brother (Puru Raj Kumar) too. Will he succeed or won't he is for you to figure out.

Salman seemed to be back in form. He has lost more weight this time and looked better than in Wanted. It felt good to see him dancing gracefully and emoting right at the same time, maybe because Salman himself has invested a lot in terms of story as well.

The film has good music with a few hummable tracks.

But the discussion would be incomplete if we don't talk about Sallu's action sequences and his dialogues. As in Wanted, here too he has a few punch lines kept aside for his fans. Sample this: Ek bar leta hoon toh paanch ser gosht le ke hi chhodta hoon. If this was not all he goes on to prove it by actually killing a rebel Pindari with his bare hands by scooping out his flesh. And guess what he comes up with? 'Tol lena, paanch ser se zyada hi hoga." Woof!!
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Twilight Star kristen stewart hot and exclussive photo gallery

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American and  Twilight Star actress Kristen Jaymes Stewart is best known for playing Bella Swan in Twilight and New Moon, and will reprise her role in Eclipse.

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Twilight Star kristen stewart hot kiss photo gallery

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American actress Kristen  Stewart is best known for playing Bella Swan in Twilight and New Moon, and will reprise her role in Eclipse.

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Ratana wants four Labour list seats

In the 1940's the Ratana Church had four seats in parliament. All we aligned to Labour, all were Maori seats, all its representatives joined the Labor caucus. Most of them didn't do much, a bit like some of the unionists that have got list seats in recent years. Some, like Matiu Rata, joined Labour and became more effective.

Now that the Maori Party has most of the Maori seats, the church knows it cannot win most of the Maori seats: to do so would mean it would have more Maori seats than the Maori Party. It knows it can't get any Maori seats off Labour. So the church has publicly asked Labour for four safe list seats to be aligned to Labour in parliament. The Maori Party has never had a list seat. If the Catholic or Presbyterian Church made such a request, they'd be laughed at.

It was a strange request, particularly as Ratana Church Minister Joe Everett earlier told John Key "In the short time that you have been in power you've done so much more than what others have done for the ... Maori people."

Ratana should take its support elsewhere. Most if it already is.Its current leader supports Labour but many of those in the church, particularly the younger ones, support the Maori Party.

Phil Goff's Ratana speech is here Ratana is no longer relevant as a political force.
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Concept ship by the raoxcrew

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Wox & Raku on deviantart.

Keywords: gator style concept spaceship spacecraft design art illustration by raox crew daniel lucanu and ismael municio concept artists from spain
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3D concept ships by Francois Brigouleix

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After sending in more work, I've bumped up Francois to weekly header.

Francois from sent this in. He writes:
"Hi... Here is a all 3d picture with a special tribute to the "ccp game's" space ship that i saw on your site." Pretty nice Francois... Thanks!

Keywords: 3d three dimensional space scene infrastructure hub spaceship models from ccp games eve online video game series by from francois brigouleix
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David Levy concept ships

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Vyle's website and weekly header post on conceptships. New weekly header tomorrow!

Keywords: concept spaceship illustration design art by vyle david levy founder of steambot studios concept planes ships for wolverine movie
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Three strikes law

I have one of my answers on the three strikes law if professor Greg Newbold is correct.
An offender who committed two assaults and a murder - in that order - would be locked up for life, because the maximum sentence for murder was life imprisonment.

But the new law would mean that someone who committed murder and then two assaults would only serve the maximum penalty for assault, a sentence length that varies depending on the attack and not a life sentence.

If you're doing life without parole, why wouldn't you kill a prison officer? What's to stop you? What would you lose by killing a prison officer?"
If this is correct, the message for criminals is this: Make sure you do your worst crimes first. The message for prison guards is this: be wary of those who do their crimes in the other order.

The Herald has also said that this law is backed up by empirical evidence from the US which found that homicide rates increased in cities with "three strikes" laws when compared with those without such laws. Yet in some of these states, these "strikes" are for minor offences, like shoplifting, quite different to what is being proposed here.
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Concept ships by Robert Kim

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artofroboto blog and article on conceptrobots.

Keywords: concept ships art illustration design by robert kim art of roboto blog roboto kun anime robots spaceships final fantasy ff bike motorcycle art
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Free Weight Loss and Health Advice

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The Diet & Fitness Show

Free weight loss and optimal health advice at Olympia, London on Sunday 24th January.

Leading UK weight loss expertYvonne Bishop-Weston will be explaining her no diet, no calorie counting approach to weight loss and optimal health at Olympia in London this Sunday afternoon at 2pm

Discover her secrets to sustainable weight loss and optimal health
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Ling Yun concept ship drawings

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lingy-0 blog.

Keywords: concept spaceship spacecraft art by ling yun lingy-o digital concept art massive alien ship over city chongqing china
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The easiest way to set up a blog

So, you read blogs. You'd like to set up your own blog. Or you have a blog and you want to migrate it or back it up. Check out It is now as easy as sending an e-mail.

Here's how it works. You write your blog post. You send it (hotmail or g-mail) to and hey presto, you have a blog. You can then change the e-mail address you want posts sent from, add another blog, and if you want to syndicate to Facebook or Twitter you can do that, too. You can also group blog; you register members who simply send posts to an e-mail you provide. You can also post videos and pix as well. If you don't like your post, just delete it and e-mail another one over.

It's that simple.[ h/t jonny.baker.]
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Three strikes is back

Simon Power is the Minister of Justice and is fronting the sentencing and Parole reform bill. Today, three Ministers - Rodney Hide, John Key and Judith Collins - announced that the government had reached agreement on a three-strikes policy that will ensure the worst repeat criminals receive the maximum allowable sentence.

So why didn't Simon Power contribute to making that announcement, given that this agreement is going to be incorporated into his bill?

The three strikes aspect to the bill means repeat serious offenders get the maximum allowable sentence, meaning more people will be behind bars for longer. I`m not sure what exactly counts as a strike, in terms of sentencing - what if your third strike was an historic crime done before your first strike? What if your second strike was overturned and your are in jail for your third strike -does your sentence get reduced, or do you get compensation? I'm not allowed to have a say on that at select committee as I didn't do a submission to the initial bill.

The two Ministers of the Maori Party are unhappy and have introduced a new term that should get wide usage: "hide-bound". The party says the proposed 'three strikes legislation shows the government is hide-bound by political rhetoric on crime and punishment that has no factual basis.

The problem with the process of these changes is that only the people who have made submissions to the select committee on this bill will be given the opportunity to make submissions on this new aspect of the bill, a limited subset of "the public" as stated in the government's media release.

Given that National's confidence and supply agreement with Act meant that Acts "three strikes " policy was to get a fair hearing at select committee, perhaps these latest proposals should have been in the original bill before submissions were called for.

The select committee is due to report in March.
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Concept ships by Christopher Stoski

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim on Monday, January 18, 2010 and feature article on

Keywords: concept spaceship art design matte paintings from by chris christopher stotski winner of the visual effects society award for outstanding created environment star wars episode 3 III revenge of the sith
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Making a police complaint: Safer communities together.

I attempted to make a minor complaint to the police today. I don't often complain. I can't think of a time when I last did.

So I looked at the police website to see how to make a complaint. It said to ring or go to your nearest police station. Nobody was at my nearest police station so I rang another one. They said I had to go and make a complaint and speak to a person in a certain section of the police in person. When I informed this young boy that he was in the section that he told me to go and see, he said, I still had to come down, even though the police website said I could make a complaint over the phone.. He then asked if anyone's life was in danger. I then said that I didn't think anyone's life was in danger (actually it is near impossible for anyone's life to be in danger for such a complaint) and I asked why the question was asked, and if that would make a difference as to whether I could lay a complaint.He said " Well the Mungrel (sic) Mob could be after him or something".

After that response, I wondered why I bothered to try and make the complaint in the first place. Next time I'll ring the Mongrel Mob.
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Moblin 2.1 IVI FC Release tested on the MSI Wind U110 (GMA 500/Poulsbo)

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Phoronix hasn't gotten to it yet, but now I've done a quick test with the Moblin distribution IVI version with supposed GMA 500 support (moblin-2.1-preview-ivi-20091208.img) to see how well it's working on my netbook and what feature advantages its IEGD driver may have over the psb driver.

Well, it's not a lot:
  • The resolution was set to 800x600. No other resolutions were detected (xrandr -q)
  • The colors were distorted. It looked like 256 colors but randomly exchanged.
  • The touchpad was not working. The mouse moved in seemingly opposite or random directions and kept skipping back and forth. I had to use an external mouse to do anything at all.
  • The sound wasn't working, thought that might possibly be fixed by disabling power saving, just like in Ubuntu
  • Wifi wasn't working. I could not add networks or configure the wifi. " Join other Network" was greyed out. The iwconfig tools have to be started manually from /sbin. They found a network, but I didn't bother to try to set it up with wpa_supplicant manually. A path is not set. wpa_supplicant was already running with 99% cpu usage when I boot.
  • Switching to the console and back is impossible. It completely and irreversibly crashes the graphics until a reboot.
  • ACPI showed tons of errors in dmesg.
  • Trying to suspend crashed the system.
  • I wonder if there's an application in the distribution that can take advantage of VAAPI accelerated video decoding. There is a video player. But I had no easy access to the hard drive's partitions (ntfs).
The distribution as tested on my netbook is in two words:
utterly unusable.

The psb driver set up according to my howto works flawlessly compared to that! It interesting how difficult it seems to be for Intel to get its own chipset to work in its own distribution with its own driver.

But, yes. Moblin was very snappy. ;-) (I think that just shows just how cool XFCE is, though.)
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Memory Cards for the Skypephone S2

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After having a lot of insecurity with acquiring and inserting a memory card for the 3 Skypephone S2, let me give you some hints:

If you like this post, consider ordering a SIM via my three agent link.
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More on Google, Censorship and China

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The NYTimes has posted a great feature on the debate with many experts providing their intriguing views on the subject.
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Help with Stopping Software Patents in Europe

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I know this is quite political, but it's open source politics: A new initiative has been taken to propose a EU directive that prevents software patents. I have just signed the petition and invite you do to so as well.

Remember to click the link in the email you will receive from them to confirm your signature.

Please don't start a flamewar of any kind here. But you are welcome to post any other comments.
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Jon McCoy concept ships

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Step by step creation video of these Wipeout style ships here.

Keywords: wipeout style concept ship art from jon mccoy hokuto shin ken demo video concepts sketches drawings
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Check out the show reel on the site.

Keywords: concept design 3d spaceship ufo flying saucer concept art from finnish 3d production company samuli torssonen ceo energia productions +358-40-7499765
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