World News Briefs -- August 11, 2011

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Assad Admits Mistakes as Criticism of Syrian Killings Grows -- Bloomberg/Businessweek

Aug. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad responded to growing criticism about his deadly five-month crackdown on dissidents by admitting “some mistakes” were made by his security forces in the “initial stages” of unrest.

Diplomats representing Brazil, India and South Africa -- a bloc in the United Nations Security Council reluctant to punish Assad -- said in an e-mailed statement that they met in Damascus with the Syrian leader, who told them “efforts were under way to prevent” the mistakes from recurring.

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UN Security Council hears ‘chilling’ briefing on Syrian crisis. Streets empty and scarred after tanks leave Syria's Hama. Chilling video of tanks in Hama, where Syrian protesters rallied before crackdown. Syria: Assad regime expands Ramadan offensive against people. Without Saudi support, President Bashar al-Assad's brutal dictatorship in Syria looks doomed. US: Syria's leadership showing fissures.

Iran seeking alliance to protect Syria against U.S. meddling.

Yemen General wants talks but ready to 'break necks'. Yemeni president objects to power transfer deal.

Israel approves new housing in east Jerusalem.


Woman bomber, roadside bomb kill seven in NW Pakistan.

'40,000 people killed' in Kashmir revolt.

Philippines acts on MILF infighting.

Political crisis looms large for Nepal.

Details emerge of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei's detention.


Western Libya rebels strike north towards coast. Libyan opposition fighters report advances in Brega. Kadhafi unable to launch offensive: NATO commander. Turmoil in Benghazi, rebel advances in western Libya.

WFP says has more access in Somalia, Mogadishu a challenge. U.S. relies on contractors in Somalia conflict.

Somalia militants weakened, could regroup: U.N.

Ivorian forces executed 26 people in past month: UN.

Civil war legacy part of Liberia's Presidential campaign.

Nigeria investigates military misconduct in north.


British police out in force as violence subsides. British PM mulls restricting social media after riots.

Gunman killed after attacking Estonian ministry.

Germany eurozone: Pressure mounts on Merkel at home.

Efforts to calm European markets mount, but fail.

EU allows crisis-hit Spain to restrict Romanian workers.


Pelosi picks last names for debt 'super-committee'.

Drought deepens in South; Texas driest in century.

Venezuela's Chavez says feels well in chemotherapy.

Colombia arrests key Mexico cartel 'money launderer'.

ATF's gun surveillance program showed early signs of failure.

Captain Morgan shipwreck found.


Pakistan extradites Bali bombing suspect Umar Patek to Indonesia.

Terrorist attacks: a universal television event.

Somalian militants Al-Shabaab may have replaced its leader, Stratfor says.

Congressman feuds with administration over movie.


Dow closes up 400, led by Cisco; Vix skids.

Apple surpasses Exxon to become most valuable US firm.

Trade deficit of U.S. unexpectedly widens to $53.1 billion on export slump.

French bank stress spreads across money markets.

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