Afghanistan War News Updates -- August 11, 2011

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Tayyab Agha, the former private secretary to Taliban leader Mullah Omar, has been outed as the man leading the negotiations. Daily Mail

Secret Peace Talks Between US And Taliban Collapse Over Leaks -- The Telegraph

Secret exploratory peace talks between the United States and the Taliban leadership have broken down after details of the negotiations were leaked, Western diplomats have told The Daily Telegraph.

The breakdown in the talks at such an early stage has led to recriminations and claims that the details of the meetings and the identity of the Taliban's chief negotiator were deliberately leaked by 'paranoid' Afghan government figures.

Absolute confidentiality had been a key condition for the meetings which were held in Germany and Qatar earlier this year between Tayeb Agha, Taliban leader Mullah Omar's former private secretary, and senior officials from the US State Department and Central Intelligence Agency. The meetings were chaired by Michael Steiner, Germany's special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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More News On Afghanistan

Secret peace talks between U.S. and Taliban collapse after ID of Islamist negotiator is leaked -- Daily Mail

Peace Talks Between Taliban And The U.S. Break Down Over Leaks -- Business Insider

US-Taliban Talks Collapse -- Newser

DoD Names Troops Killed in Afghan Shoot Down --

Pentagon names troops killed in Afghan shoot down -- Yahoo News/AP

Pentagon Releases Names of Personnel Killed in Attack on Afghan Helicopter -- New York Times

Pentagon names 30 Americans killed in downed Afghan chopper -- MSNBC

Pentagon Releases Identities of SEALs Killed, Not Unit Name -- Bloomberg

SEALs were sent to stop fleeing Taliban -- Washington Times

What happened on night of deadly Afghanistan helicopter crash? -- Reuters

Mission Unnecessary? Growing indications SEALs sent on low-level mission. -- National Journal

Afghan witnesses: Chinook ablaze when it crashed -- Yahoo News/AP

Remains of the Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan -- Photo Blog/MSNBC

Taliban deny Nato claim to have killed US helicopter attacker -- The Telegraph

U.S. Says Strike Killed Taliban Who Downed Copter -- New York Times

Fighters who shot down US chopper are alive: Taliban -- AFP

Taliban says US killed wrong fighters -- News 24

Taliban fighters photographed near site of Chinook crash -- Photo Blog/MSNBC

NATO Airstrike Kills Insurgents Who Caused Helicopter Crash -- US Department of Defense

Taliban Militants Who Shot Down US Helicopter Killed in Airstrike -- Voice of America

Allen: Airstrike kills insurgents who shot down U.S. helicopter -- Stars and Stripes

U.S. forces kill Taliban fighters who downed helicopter -- Washington Post

U.S. kills Taliban insurgents who downed SEALs' helicopter -- L.A. Times

Bombs kill 6 NATO soldiers in Afghanistan -- L.A. Times

Bomb kills five U.S. troops in southern Afghanistan -- Yahoo News/Reuters

Five US troops killed in Afghanistan by roadside bomb -- BBC

Afghan bomb kills five US troops -- AFP

Roadside Bomb Kills 5 US Soldiers in Southern Afghanistan -- Voice of America

Five NATO troops die in Afghan blast -- Washington Post

Afghan, Coalition Forces Prevent Mosque Attack -- US Department of Defense

Former CIA director: Afghanistan needs US troops -- Stars and Stripes/AP

Hamid Karzai says he will not seek third term -- The Telegraph

What may be a bigger threat to Afghanistan than insurgency? Land disputes. -- Tom Peter, Christian Science Monitor

Karzai’s departure could change the game in Afghanistan -- Peter Goodspeed, National Post

At least 1,618 US military deaths in Afghanistan since 2001 -- Washington Post/AP

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