World News Briefs -- August 15, 2011

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Opposition: Military Shells Port City As Dozens Die In Syrian Violence -- CNN

(CNN) -- Syrian security forces backed by gunships Sunday killed at least 25 people in a crackdown on anti-government protesters in the flashpoint city Latakia, and violence has continued into Monday, opposition groups told CNN.

Government-run media has denied the claim.

Violence countrywide took at least 42 lives Sunday, said one anti-government activist group, which collects lists of victims' names.

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Syria's navy 'shells port town of Latakia'. Opposition: Military shells port city as dozens die in Syrian violence.

Bomb blasts rock Iraq, kill 69, wound more than 180.

Iran's first nuclear power station will be connected in weeks.

20 killed as Yemeni troops battle militants.

Egypt’s security forces flood into Sinai Peninsula. Smuggling in north Sinai surges as the police vanish.

Palestinian leaders set UN statehood application date.


Burma's Suu Kyi makes first political trip outside main city.

Nepal prime minister resigns triggering new political crisis.

New US ambassador to China looks to reassure Beijing.

US keeps an eagle eye on Asia.


Qaddafi urges Libyans to ‘liberate’ country from rebel ‘traitors,’ NATO.

Libya rebels control Zawiyah‎. Gaddafi defiant, rebels poised to strangle capital.

Somali Islamists thrive as children die in the dust. Terror group blocking aid to starving Somalis. More food aid needed in E. Africa.

Mubarak trial resumes in Egypt. Egypt's former President Hosni Mubarak returns to court.

Pressures bear down on Sudanese strongman.


Norway attack suspect returns to scene of shooting.

Germany and France rule out eurobonds.

Italy delivers tough austerity measures.

Russia's Arctic 'sea grab'.


Hugo Chavez cheerful as he returns to Venezuela after chemo.

Argentine President dominates unusual primary vote.

Protest march in Mexico City against drug war.

Mexican smugglers dig tunnel under US border.


US strategy to fight homegrown terrorism.

With 9/11 trials looming, Guantanamo makes a practice run.

Al Qaeda's seapower strategy.


Famous art heists in history.

Markets heading to new danger zone: Zoellick.

Google to buy Motorola mobility for $12.5 billion.

US economy faces 30% chance of second dip.

Stop coddling the super-rich: Buffett.

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