World News Briefs -- August 12, 2011

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Britain Tallies Damage and Sets Out Anti-Riot Steps -- Wall Street Journal

As the U.K. counts the cost of four nights of rioting, Prime Minister David Cameron set out a raft of new measures it will impose or consider on crowd control, gang membership and social media designed to prevent another violent episode.

Speaking in an emergency session of Parliament after the U.K. experienced its first night of calm since the unrest broke out in London on Saturday, Mr. Cameron rejected opposition demands to reconsider government plans to cut police budgets by 20% as part of efforts to tackle the country's budget deficit.

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Syrian troops fire on protesters in eastern city. Syrian crackdown widens despite world pressure. Syrian forces' assault on Hama ends to reveal ruined town.

U.S. urges Israel, Palestinians to avoid unilateral moves.

As Yemen crisis drags on, risks grow.

Iranian gas flow to Turkey halted by blast.


Thousands riot in southwest China town: reports.

NATO: 8 troops die in two days in Afghanistan.

North Korea mocks South over artillery fire claims.

Sri Lankan protest over 'disappeared'.

Japan cuts growth forecast to 0.5 percent.

China recalls bullet trains in new blow to technology.


Libyan rebels capture part of Brega, push north. Libyan rebels report progress advancing toward Tripoli. Gaddafi forces still hold Brega oil terminal, refinery.

Somalia famine could cause militant Al Shabab group to splinter.

Dozens of ships fleeing Benin waters due to piracy: navy.

Islamists spurn proposal for Egypt's constitution.

Tunisians say revolution yet to bring justice.

Nigeria to probe 'army abuses' in Boko Haram crackdown.


Sarkozy and Merkel to discuss euro zone on Tuesday.

'Eurobonds' anyone? Officials call for EU-wide fiscal policies to ease debt crisis.

Ukraine court declines to hear appeal against Tymoshenko arrest. Kiev court blocks Tymoshenko freedom plea.

Vladimir Putin scuba dives in Black Sea.


Who's who on Congress's debt 'super committee'.

Mexico nabs cartel kingpin blamed for 600 murders.

Colombia tries to curb Farc rebel attacks.

Chavez accuses foes of trying to divide military.

Crude bomb left on Oklahoma gas line, FBI says.


C.I.A. is disputed on civilian toll in drone strikes.

Indonesia says Bali suspect gives bombing details.

Officials: Egypt to target al Qaeda cells said to be training in Sinai.


European markets swing higher in afternoon trading.

Amid scandal, News Corp. bounces back.

Chinese authorities find 22 fake Apple stores.

Psst … have you heard? Rumors move markets.

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