Will Construction Of The Next U.S. Aircraft Carrier May Be Delayed To Save Money?

Diposkan oleh Muhammad Tsani Abdul Hakim on Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Next Big Carrier Question -- DoD Buzz

Virginians have been fighting for years to keep their aircraft carriers in Hampton Roads, and now they’re fighting to keep them in existence. As Peter Frost of the Daily Press reported this week, the mega-shipyard that builds the nuclear-powered giants is doing all right these days; it’s turning a profit, as compared with the loss it posted this time last year. But all that could change if the Navy, DoD, Congress and the Obama administration decide to delay construction on a planned ship, the new USS John F. Kennedy, company officials warn.

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My Comment: With impending defense cuts on the horizon, rumors of delays should not surprise anyone.

Update: News like this does not help.

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