Why We Should Never Trust The Taliban

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Amrolah Saleh has formed an influential new opposition group that has denounced the plans of President Hamid Karzai and the West for a political settlement with the Taliban. Photo: MAJID SAEEDI

Afghanistan's Former Spy Chief: 'Never Trust The Taliban' -- The Telegraph

Amrullah Saleh, the urbane former head of Afghanistan's spy agency, tells Ben Farmer why it is wrong to talk to the Taliban.

He may no longer be Afghanistan's spymaster general, but in the new career he has moved into, Amrullah Saleh must retain many of the trappings from his former job.

Visitors to the Kabul home of the intelligence boss-turned-politician encounter checkpoints from at least a block away, while outside his villa, lean, purposeful guards from his native Panjshir Valley eye approaching strangers warily.

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My Comment: I concur with Amrullah Saleh's analysis, especially on who and what the Taliban are, and why people on the opposite side (like President Karzai and his allies) have failed in bringing stability to Afghanistan.

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