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US Responds To Chinese Aircraft Carrier With Pointed Question -- Hot Air

ABC features the Obama administration response as if – well, as if it deserves featuring:

As China’s first aircraft carrier takes to the open seas today for its inaugural sea trials, the U.S. government directed a pointed question at the Chinese military: Why would you need a warship like that?

“We would welcome any kind of explanation that China would like to give for needing this kind of equipment,” U.S. State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters today. “We have had concerns for some time and we’ve been quite open with them with regard to the lack of transparency from China regarding its power projection and its lack of access and denial of capabilities.” …

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My Comment:
The Chinese want to have aircraft carriers for the same reasons why others have one .... to project power, to use it if necessary, and to defend one's strategic and political interests.

Update: Decoding China’s Aircraft Carrier -- The Diplomat

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