U.S. Has Proposed To North Korea On Resuming Remains Recovery Of Missing American Servicemen

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U.S. And North Korea May Discuss Recovering Remains of Americans -- New York Times

SEOUL, South Korea — The United States has proposed to meet with North Korea to discuss for the first time in six years bringing home the remains of any American soldiers buried there.

North Korea, one of the world’s most isolated countries, has no diplomatic ties with the United States, with which it is still technically at war.

“The U.S. recently sent a letter requesting a meeting on resuming remains recovery in North Korea,” Maj. Carie A. Parker, a spokeswoman for the Defense P.O.W./Missing Personnel Office of the Pentagon, said on Tuesday. “We have received no response from North Korean officials regarding the request.”

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My Comment
: For the North Korea government, finding the remains of 8,000 U.S. soldiers is on the bottom of their priority list .... and permitting U.S. personnel into the country to search for these remains makes it even lower. They only way they will respond is if the U.S. promises massive aid .... but with numerous conditions that I am sure that many in the U.S. will not accept.

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