US Drone Strikes Have Killed 168 Children In Pakistan

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A boy stands at the site of suspected U.S. drone attacks in the Janikhel tribal area in Bannu district of North West Frontier Province in Pakistan, November 19, 2008 Photo: REUTERS

168 Children Killed In Drone Strikes In Pakistan Since Start Of Campaign -- The Telegraph

As many as 168 children have been killed in drone strikes in Pakistan during the past seven years as the CIA has intensified its secret programme against militants along the Afghan border.

In an extensive analysis of open-source documents, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism found that 2,292 people had been killed by US missiles, including as many as 775 civilians.

The strikes, which began under President George W Bush but have since accelerated during the presidency of Barack Obama, are hated in Pakistan, where families live in fear of the bright specks that appear to hover in the sky overhead.

In just a single attack on a madrassah in 2006 up to 69 children lost their lives.

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My Comment: I expected a higher total. Militants are often living with their families (Bin Lden lived with his wives and children 24/7), so the fact that children are killed in an drone strike is not a surprise. the alternative .... sending in Special Ops Teams like the group that got Bin laden are far too dangerous .... and will create complications with the Pakistani government.

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