Unrest In Syria -- News Updates August 15, 2011

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Syrian Tanks Attack Latakia, Third Day Of Assault -- Yahoo News/Reuters

AMMAN (Reuters) - Syrian forces shelled residential districts in Latakia on Monday, residents said, the third day of an assault on Sunni neighborhoods of the port city which had seen mounting protests against President Bashar al-Assad's autocratic rule.

Assad, from Syria's minority Alawite sect, has broadened a military assault to try to crush a five-month street uprising demanding his removal since the start of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan on August 1, when daily protests against 41 years of the Assad family rule began to increase.

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More News On The Unrest In Syria

Factbox: Syria's ancient city of Latakia bombarded -- Reuters

Syrian Tanks Attack Latakia, Third Day of Assault -- New York Times/Reuters

Syrian Navy Joins Attack on Key Rebellious Port City -- New York Times

Death toll in Syria's Latakia reaches 30 in mass crackdown -- RIA Novosti

Syria forces use naval power against Latakia -- L.A. Times

Syrian forces move offensive to Latakia -- UPI

Opposition: At least 21 dead after Syrian naval forces shell port city -- CNN

Syrian gunboats join fresh attack against protesters -- Washington Post

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Besieged city of Hama has long been in Syrian regime's sights -- L.A. Times

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SYRIA: Activist killed about every hour over 11 days in crackdown -- L.A. Times

Report: Spain offered Syria's Assad asylum -- Haaretz

Analysis -Iran sees ally Syria surrounded by U.S., Arab "wolves" -- Yahoo News/Reuters

Why Turkey Holds the Key to the Regional Power Game on Syria -- Tony Karon, Time

Syria's electronic army -- Jillian C. York, Al Jazeera

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