Pentagon Pay And Benefits Are On The Chopping Block

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'Super Congress' Must Cut Pentagon Pay, Benefits -- Aol Defense

Military pay and benefits must be cut by the new congressional "super committee" as it begins its quest to find $1.2 trillion to cut from the federal budget, a panel of experienced budget experts said today.

Pushing through any package of cuts, the panel members said at the Brookings Institution, will be incredibly difficult and will require a great deal of pressure from President Obama and congressional leaders, the panel said.

The panel, which included Bill Clinton's budget director Alice Rivlin and George Bush's national security advisor Stephen Hadley, agreed that entitlements -- Social Security and Medicare – must be cut.

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My Comment: Cutting the pay of our soldiers .... hmmmm .... not a good idea when you see what they have to do in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, etc..

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