Now We Know Why The Taliban Do Not Attack Italian Troops In Afghanistan

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US President George W Bush asked Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, shown together in Washington in 2008, to stop bribing the Taliban in Afghanistan. Source: Supplied

US President Bush Begged Italian PM Berlusconi To Stop Bribing The Taliban In Afghanistan -- The Australian/The Times

PRESIDENT George W. Bush made a personal plea to Silvio Berlusconi to stop Italian forces paying bribes to the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to newly discovered US diplomatic cables.

They show that concerns over alleged Italian payments to insurgents, long denied by Rome, reached the highest levels of the US Administration.

They support claims that were first published by The Times in October 2009 and which were furiously denied, with threats of legal action, by the Italian Government.

Mr Berlusconi said that the claims were "totally baseless".

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Why does this not surprise me.

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