Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 13, 2011

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Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle

Data Gleaned From "Global Strike" Glider Flight Before Crash -- Global Security Newswire

A U.S. hypersonic drone aircraft sent out information for more than nine minutes before an "anomaly" disrupted transmissions during a flight test on Thursday, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency said (see GSN, Aug. 11; U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency release, Aug. 11).

The Hypersonic Technology Vehicle-2 is one system being considered to provide the United States with the "prompt global strike" capability to deliver non-nuclear warheads to any location in the world within an hour. Washington could tap that asset to strike an Iranian atomic facility or hit a North Korean missile prior to liftoff, the New York Times reported. Such a capability might also be employed against a critical terrorist location if no other weapon could carry out a sufficiently rapid attack (Thom Shanker, New York Times, Aug. 12).

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Global Strike Command officer nominated for second star -- Shreve Port Times

Information Warfare: Israel Openly Makes War On Iran -- Strategy Page

Iran Talks Cyber Tough -- Defense Tech

Russia Plans Two More Bulava Missile Trials in 2011 -- Global Security Newswire

Taiwan looks to develop advanced unmanned systems -- Flight Global

B-52 to make unprecedented polar Moscow flight -- Shreve Port Times

Is China’s Aircraft Carrier a Threat to U.S. Interests? -- Defpro

Ideas for U.S. strategic control of the Pacific Rim -- ELP

Ford Carrier Faces Cost Overruns
-- Aviation Week

Searching for IEDs - one of the most dangerous jobs in Helmand -- War on Terror News

U.S. Army Ground Combat Vehicle May Face New Setback -- Defense News

Scrutinising Lockheed's claim that F-35 creates 127,000 US jobs -- Dew Line

Moody's: US Debt Ceiling Agreement to Yield Half-a-Trillion or More in Defense Budget Cuts -- Defpro

'Super Congress' Light on Defense Credentials --

Reduced JTRS Buy To Save $15B: Pentagon
-- Defense News

Finally, Rules For A Cyber-Fight -- Ares/Aviation Week

'Super Congress' Must Cut Pentagon Pay, Benefits -- Otto Kreisher, AOL Defense

Reading Between The Lines: DoD's Cyber Operation Strategy -- Lt. General Harry Raduege, USAF (Ret.), Aol Defense

V-22 Osprey: The Stuff of Legend
-- Neptunus Lex

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