Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- August 11, 2011

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China Flexes Naval Muscle -- Wall Street Journal

BEIJING—China sent its first aircraft carrier to sea, a defining moment in its effort to become a top-tier naval power that seeks to challenge U.S. military supremacy in Asia and protect Chinese economic interests that now span the globe.

The carrier, based on an empty hull bought from Ukraine, sounded its horn three times as it plowed through fog around the northeastern port of Dalian early Wednesday to begin its first sea trials, according to a Twitter-like service by the state-run Xinhua news agency.

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China Toots its Horn With New Carrier -- Defense Tech

Taiwan hails missile as 'aircraft carrier killer' -- Stars and Stripes

Russia’s military aircraft industry stays aloft
-- RIA Novosti

First Russian strike UAV to be showcased at Moscow air show -- RIA Novosti

UK Considers Cutting Off Twitter, BlackBerry During Riots -- PC World

Chinese Army Targets iPhone, iPad With Propaganda App -- Danger Room

Somali pirate 'used mobile to surf web for US kidnap victim information' -- The Telegraph

Japan Military Targets New Enemy: Flies -- Wall Street Journal

US Group Trains Troops in Somalia --

U.S. resumes F-35 ground tests after device failure -- Vancouver Sun/Reuters

F-35 Test Fleet Cleared For Ground Operations -- Defense News

Global Hawk to Replace U-2 in 2015 -- Defense News

US Navy to replace EP-3s with unmanned aircraft -- Flight Global

US Navy confirms joining with army to buy new unmanned helicopter -- Flight Global

Space shuttle’s end closes military rescue ops -- Air Force Times

Guided weapons from Raytheon hit military testing milestones -- Arizona Daily Star

Old-school 'Ouija Board' being phased out on Navy carriers -- Stars and Stripes

U.S. military munitions to become even deadlier -- TG Daily

Admiral who led in hunt for bin Laden cedes command -- News Tribune

CG: Corps F/A-18 crew rescued in Pacific
-- Navy Times

Defense community raises concerns over supercommittee membership -- The Hill

US defence sector looks nervously at budget cuts
-- Flight Global

DoD Needs to Lead in the Deficit Cutting Debate -- Defpro

US soldier gets life for slaying sergeants in Iraq -- Stars and Stripes/AP

Military veterans: Soldier suicides now at epidemic rate --

At least 1,618 US military deaths in Afghanistan since 2001 -- Washington Post/AP

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