For Sale In London: One Libyan Embassy

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A source said Gaddafi's UK envoys tried to sell cars and ''anything that wasn't nailed down'' in the embassy in Knightsbridge

Libyan Diplomats Attempted £100 Million 'Fire Sale' Of London Properties -- The Telegraph

Libyan diplomats attempted a "fire sale" of properties and luxury cars in London worth up to £100 million in the days leading up to their expulsion, intelligence sources have disclosed.

Embassy officials who have since been expelled tried to sell off nine exclusive properties and 29 vehicles including limousines, Mercedes and other high end vehicles.

Britain announced last month that it was recognising the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) as Libya's only legitimate government and would expel the remaining Tripoli regime diplomats.

It is understood that staff loyal to the NTC, the Libyan opposition based in Benghazi, were tipped off by British intelligence sources that the "fire sale" had begun at the end of last month. Anti-Gaddafi embassy staff frantically began to hide car keys and lock away title deeds for the homes. The Treasury is also understood to have stepped in and frozen the sale of all Libyan assets in Britain.

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Update #1: Everything must go! Gaddafi's diplomats hold embassy fire sale -- Independent

Update #2: Gadhafi envoys in London fire sale -- UPI

My Comment: Gaddafi's diplomats in London must know that time is against them .... that Gaddafi's days are numbered.

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