Dozen Bombing And Shooting Attacks Struck Iraq Monday

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Bomb Blasts Rock Iraq, Kill 69, Wound More Than 180 -- CNN

Baghdad (CNN) -- More than a dozen bombing and shooting attacks struck Iraq Monday, killing at least 69 people and wounded more than 180, authorities told CNN.

It was the worst wave of violence to strike the country in months, coming just weeks after Iraq's political leaders agreed to request U.S. troops stay beyond a January 1, 2012, deadline to withdraw.

Ministry of Interior officials called on security forces to ban people from parking their vehicles on the streets of cities targeted in the attacks, saying they feared more violence.

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More News On Today's Violent Attacks In Iraq

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My Comment
: In the midst of all of this mayhem and sectarian violence, the Iraqi VP firmly believes that the security situation will improve once US forces are out of the country. Cough .... cough .... yeah right.

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