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Riots In Britain Reflect Today's Social Ills – And Social Media -- Christian Science Monitor

Britain's urban riots represent both frustration with economic hard times and common criminality. And they once again demonstrate that social media can be used for good or ill purposes.

A year from now the world will fixate on London as the city hosts the Summer Olympics. On Aug. 9, 2012, the 200-meter and 800-meter sprint finals will take place at London’s new Olympic Stadium before 80,000 spectators as well as millions of others worldwide.

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England's history of street violence -- Sophia Jones, Foreign Policy

British Degeneracy on Parade: The riots should surprise no one who’s been paying attention. -- Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal

European Model a Wretched Failure -- Greg Sheridan, Real Clear World/The Australian

What may be a bigger threat to Afghanistan than insurgency? Land disputes. -- Tom Peter, Christian Science Monitor

U.S. must not let a Hezbollah killer escape justice
-- Washington Post editorial

Stopping Syria’s slaughter starts with President Obama -- Washington Post editorial

Vultures over a wounded Syria?
-- Rami G. Khouri, Toronto Star

Libya's ragtag rebels are dubious allies
-- Patrick Cockburn, The Independent

Can China afford to downgrade the U.S.? -- Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Reuters

Four Actions the Global Community Must Take to Avoid Another Depression -- William Galston, The New Republic

US prepares for military intervention in Somalia -- Susan Garth, Global Research

Afghan Helicopter Attack is Obama's Fault -- Pamela Geller, American Thinker

What We Got Right in the War on Terror -- Abe Greenwald, Commentary

Debt Brakes Are the Best Way Out of The Crisis
-- Michael Hüther, Spiegel Online

Why should we care about Europe's fiscal crises? -- Kevin G. Hall, McClatchy News

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