Afghanistan War News Updates -- August 15, 2011

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Attack Is Latest to Jolt a Usually Quiet Afghan Area -- New York Times

CHARIKAR, Afghanistan — The governor of Parwan Province, Abdul Basir Salangi, convened a meeting Sunday morning with his top aides to find out why security had not been improved around his offices, 10 days after reports that a group of suicide bombers was planning an attack.

A former jihadi commander from the war against the Soviets, Mr. Salangi is an imposing figure, and his anger was evident as he dressed down the aides, including the provincial police chief. The intelligence was very specific, he told them: The bombers might arrive in a Toyota Corolla.

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More News On Afghanistan

String of deadly suicide bombs hit Afghan governor's compound during summit with U.S. officials -- Daily Mail

Afghan Suicide Bombers Attack Governor's Compound, 22 Killed -- Voice of America

Suicide bombers kill 22 in Afghanistan raid -- L.A. Times

Militants kill government workers, cops in Afghanistan -- Detroit Free Press

Afghanistan: Many die in assault on governor's compound -- BBC

19 Dead in Attack on Afghan Governor’s Compound -- New York Times/AP

Suicide bombers, gunmen kill 22 in central Afghanistan -- Yahoo News/Reuters

Afghan suicide bombers kill 22 -- UPI

Taliban attack on Afghan governor's house kills 22 -- AFP

Taliban suicide assault team kills 22 in central Afghanistan -- Long War Journal

Security developments in Afghanistan, Aug 15 -- Reuters Alertnet

ISAF Joint Command morning operational update -- Dvids

British soldier's death in Afghanistan blast brings toll to 379 --

Navy corpsman killed in Afghanistan while on patrol with Marines -- L.A. Times

Insurgents attack government building in east Afghanistan; 1 police officer, 4 militants die -- Washington Post

Fighting in east Afghanistan kills police officer -- CBS/AP

DOD identifies five U.S. troops killed in IED blast in Afghanistan -- Stars and Stripes

NATO carries out over 50,000 air missions in Afghanistan -- Xinhuanet

NATO: Afghanistan raids by U.S. commandos nearly triple since '09 -- Stars and Stripes

Lone Star Marines guide Afghan soldiers to new battlespace --

U.S. to keep control of Afghan prison, missing milestone in handover -- Stars and Stripes

New Stryker vehicle more resistant against IEDs -- Army Times/USA Today

Helicopter crash highlights instability near Kabul -- AFP

Official reports security progress in Afghanistan --

In Afghanistan’s Garmser district, praise for a U.S. official’s tireless work -- Washington Post

Afghan widows form community on Kabul hill -- Washington Post

Climbers scale Afghanistan's highest peak -- Yahoo News/AP

From the Front Lines: Afghanistan -- Seattle's Q13 FOX News

Why the Afghanistan War won't end soon -- Richard Falk, Al Jazeera

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