Colombian media insist Catalina Robayo is Miss Universe favorite

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While bookmakers and international media are paying little attention to Miss Colombia, leading Colombian media insist that Catalina Robayo is among the favorites to be crowned Miss Universe Monday evening.

The international attention Robayo received last week following her reported scolding after being caught going commando did not lead to a change in the 66 to 1 betting odd on websites where gamblers bet on who will win the world's most prestigious beauty pageant. Following commando-gate, most English-language media focused primarily on Miss USA, Miss China, Miss Angola and Miss Australia.

According to beauty pageant website Missology's last prediction of Monday's results, Miss Colombia will not reach the final 15. The website predicts Miss Ukraine will win the pageant, followed by Miss Peru, Miss Malaysia, Miss Philippines and Miss Netherlands.

Latin television network Univision does place Miss Colombia among the finalists. Robayo occupies the 8th spot in the network's Miss Universe Top 14.

Colombian media take Robayo's chances to win even further. According to newspaper El Espectador, "Robayo has been the favorite among journalists these days because of her good performance and ease when responding to the incisive questions of the media and the jurors."

Newspaper El Tiempo added that "just like every year, the Colombiana is favorite ... at least of the latinas."

Ivan Lalinde, presentor of Miss Universe on Colombian television network Caracol, told El Tiempo that Miss Colombia "has attracted attention far beyond the scandal over whether or not she was wearing underwear. Carolina Robayo has a great personality and that helps to feature in an event of this category."

The website of RCN, the network that will not be broadcasting the event, did not report on Miss Colombia's chances, but instead featured an article on the soap opera that will be aired at the same time as the Miss Universe competition.

Colombian media insist Catalina Robayo is Miss Universe favorite

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